Monday, 28 September 2009

Jardin Du Luxembourg ......

is so pretty, such a wonderful place to stroll around, go for your lunch, read a book, or even a game of Boules!

I took the metro so far then walked from Place Denfert Rochereau..

The Lion of Belfort

Jardin des Grands Explorateurs

The Gardens

Le triomphe de silene

Medici Fountain

This photo was kindly lent to me by Laurent of Daily Photo in Paris

I did take one, but didn't realize it was blurred until later. I then set off to meet Leesa and Dawn at Saint-Paul Metro to walk round Le Marais and go for a coffee!!!


  1. Gorgeous! I can hardly wait to some day return to Paris and spend some leisurely time wandering around and people watching. You're lucky to have friends there.

  2. wow it looks a great place to stroll around .... so glad you had such a brill time in Paris... a new chapter begins in your life :-)

  3. Hi Anne,
    I'm so happy to be getting back to your Paris pictures! We have both been busy haven't we ?

    This is a marvelous walk spot! Beautiful flowers and the famous potted plants in spring & summer. I've already once or twice come via Luxembourg RER, crossed the garden and got out at the opposite end to go up towards Montparnasse.

    A very good exercise !!

    Hugs xxxx

  4. Great pictures Anne, thank you for sharing. It's nice to get away, wish I could, makes me wanna get the old credit card out and charge it!!!

  5. The sky is so beautifully dramatic in those pictures!

  6. It does look idyllic to walk around in.

  7. I wonder why they call it that?
    Great pics!

  8. I remember the Medici fountain and that my pic of it wasn't very good either...

  9. I see that you appreciate! I passed through the L. Gardens this afternoon, the weather was nice... Did I make you wish to come back? :-)

  10. Thanks for the link to my blog.

  11. Oh, my. Thanks for the stroll.

  12. All so nice! Beautiful photographs you took!
    Each Garden is different and beautiful in their own way.
    Thank you, I needed this!


  13. It looks wonderfully romantic. Lucky you.

  14. Wow.. Anne, you really visit some of the most beautiful places, tks for taking us along :P


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