Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Time to say Au revoir to my friends ....

and return home. I must go and see my husband :-). My husband has been travelling for work and only returned home yesterday. I am sure he will survive without me for another day! I might even hear from my two boys!!!

Anyone would think that I have been here for a months and months, and I have to pack up house and move back! No I have been here 14 days tomorrow, it feels so much longer.

I have had a fantastic time with all my wonderful friends.... Leesa,, Dawn Barbara, Kim B, Andrea, who met up with me during my time here.

Leesa is amazing as always, organizing super things like the picnic on the seine, where I met another group of people. I met Dawns husband Tom and his friend from work, Valerie, Florence, Jasmin and Patricia. We had a wonderful evening.

I have also met Leesa's husband Alex, who came to a farewell coffee at Aimees tea shop..where Leesa Dawn and I, discovered I was not going home on Tuesday at all, but the Wednesday..well I thought Tuesday and they thought Wednesday, turned out they were right!! :-) I had to send a text to my husband, ooops!

Barbara and her husband met up with me for dinner. Dawn has been there for our lunches, and coffee dates. Andrea and I went to Parc Monceau,Kim came to the picnic ....so nearly everyday, one/two/three of my friends has been with me, a .....


We have had lunch and coffee dates, walks and walks, trips to other parts of Paris, that some of them haven't been to. I have been out and about on my own, walking around the Marais Area, Saint Germain des Pres, the 7th Arrondissment , which is where my apartment is. Leesa, Barbara and I went up Montparnasse Tower, which was well worth it, oh my word that is high!

We did so much, but still alot more to see. When I return, I am going to try and go on some walking tours, that Dawn has recommended!

Most importantly I have to give a big thank you to Elizabeth and Neil, for the fantastic opportunity to stay in their home.. with their cats! ... all has been well except one night when the cats decided to wake up at 2.30am and have a party :-)


  1. I know Arni will be glad to have you home -- but we will miss you! So happy to have been able to see you, even if only for a brief while. I say, you are an inspiration!

    safe journey home. sorry it's raining today!

  2. And it really did seem like you were there for more than a couple of weeks. I loved the part about the cats waking up to have a party! Now that's Paris for you!!

  3. Well Anne, all things in life have an end!!

  4. What a great adventure! Your so lucky to be a hop skip and a jump away from a great city!

  5. Anne,
    You are so welcome :)
    I had a blast out with you & the gals.We will do more next time and have more fun.
    Time has flown and we will say "au revoir".You'll be back !Just tell yourself that and plan for it.

  6. You'l have memories to live on and to share, for a long, long time :-)

  7. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty - how many Frenchmen did you ha ve to fend off in your time there?

  8. Hello Anne, What a wonderful time you seem to have had, I've been following your exploits and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about them.

    Welcome home!


  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and made loads of new friends, Anne.

  10. Hi Anne, I've followed you on your adventures in Paris... How lucky you were to have this great opportunity! Glad you had such fun! Dana

  11. Safe home. You will have to buy some croissants for breakfast this weekend so you ease into your normal life gently!

  12. hey Anne!!

    What a great time had by all!! Thanks so much for visiting us here in Paris!! We had a great time!! Hope to see you again!!


  13. To James H....

    I fended off one Frenchman for Anne on this trip... I also had to translate for Anne what he said to her!! It was pretty funny!!!


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