Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Exploring Paris.....Les Invalides

I had an amazing walk, finding my way around my new neighbour hood, new to me for two weeks, and such delights I found. You just never know what is just round the corner!!

I was near Les Invalides, which I had never seen, or really thought about, and it is stunning. A very beautiful building. The architecture is out standing.

In 1670, Louis the 14th, decided to build Les Invalides, a Paris military hospital, to take care of wounded soldiers. With their large church topped by a golden dome and 13 hectares building, Les Invalides are a masterpiece of French classical architecture.

Also at Les Invalides is the Musee de l'Armee, a museum which was originally built as a hospital, it now houses the Tomb of Napoleon and the museum of the Army of France. The museum's collections cover the time period from antiquity until the 20th century.

Eglise Saint-Louis des Invalides


  1. I have always loved the way the dome gleams in the sunlight :-)

  2. Wow Anne, That building is absolutely amazing.
    One couldn't imagine a more beautiful building in which to recover from illness and injury.
    I am really going to get over to Paris on our next jaunt.
    If we follow your posts about Paris, we surely, will not need a guide!

  3. The place on my postcard :-) how lovely of you to think about me while you was away having such a fabulous time x

  4. I just LOVEEEEEEEE that pipe organ!! Ahhhhhhh! I can just imaginer it playing!


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