Monday, 5 June 2017

A beautiful Cafe in London ....

A few months ago, I read
about a Café in a Church,
and thought how great it would be to visit.
So when the opportunity arose to visit London
to see my great friend Jennifer,
I asked her if she fancied going
to see it. Of course she did !!

I emailed the people, found out where it was,
went to visit and that is where our day started.

(Please click on link above to read more
about this wonderful café)
Host is a coffee shop inside
 a beautiful, historic church in Watling Street.
This is not your typical church café, however.
 As well as providing a quiet, reflective space within the busy city,
 Host provides high quality coffee , as well as other drinks and food.
The Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary is an Anglican church located
in Watling Street at the junction with Bow Lane, in the City of London.
 Of medieval origin, it was rebuilt from 1510. Badly damaged in the Great Fire of London in 1666, it was rebuilt once more, this time by Sir Christopher Wren, unlike the vast majority of his City churches in a Gothic style.
(Please click on the link above to read more
about the history of the church)

An amazing place and people are lovely.
There also  is a small market of food stalls outside the church on weekdays
This is part one of our walk , as we picked up a map
Friends of the Church and went walking.


  1. Wow that looks a delightful spot. Certainly an unusual place to have a cafe. Love your photos. Take care, Diane xox

  2. Hi Anne, what a great post and great pictures too! That sure was a fun day. We should do it again soon :)

  3. I am not sure about the idea of using a church in such a manner but I am from a catholic cuntry:)

    1. Hello Ola , lots of churches are being used this way , I understand about being Catholic , so am I . I like the idea , and it brings people into church. :-)

  4. Very interesting post, Anne, with some lovely photos as usual. That Cafe looks lovely, and I think it's a great idea to use the Church in this way. I also like the idea of the food stalls. A lovely place for a visit with your friend.


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