Monday, 29 May 2017

A Wood Walk with Grandson in Scotland...

My Grandson Aidan age 13
asked me to go for a walk with him in
the woods.

So we went up to

Ceres Woods

not far from his home/..

It was quite a climb ...
Don't worry Nanny We are right behind you.
(he brought a friend) 

Aidan is becoming quite a photographer .. !!


Proof I was on the Walk ...


Overlooking Cupar in Fife..

I have never seen Ferns unfolding. quite amazing.

Twinned with Sainte Menehould - France



  1. Really nice places for a longer walk

    1. Hello Ola , how lovely to see a comment from you :-) Yes some lovely walks in Scotland. Thank you for coming over.

  2. Anne, You certainly discovered some interesting places in your walk and it looks like the view was worth the climb. I'm sure that Aidan is grateful to have a young, sportif Nanny who can walk in the woods with him..

    1. Hello Paulita , I was only up there 3 full days and we had so much fun, we went to interesting places. It sure was worth the climb. He loves it that he has a young sporty Nanny.. His other Nanny is too. We both love walking etc .. I am Nanny Annie and she is Nanny Hazel :-) both young at heart. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Looks like an interesting walk. Like the photo of you well done Aidan. I loved Scotland when we cycled through -all but the midges that is!! Take care Diane xix

  4. I commented on this a few days back!!!! I said I liked the photo of you walking and although I loved Scotland I hate the midges!!! Diane xox


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