Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Memorial de la Resistance - France

The memorial to the Resistance Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure in Charente , was built at the end of the Second World War in memory of the 1465 martyrs of the Resistance fighters and the Charente and Charente-Maritime  Cemetery.
 It is both a memorial to the Resistance and National Cemetery.
The Maquis Bir Hacheim had Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure as cradle.. The surviving members including Colonel André Chabanne and Guy Pascaud had the idea, since the release of the Charente, a monument to the glory of resistance, intended to perpetuate the memory of the fallen volunteers "for freedom and greatness the fatherland "and in particular the 170 shot, deported and died in combat known or anonymous scrub Bir Hacheim.
Edward and Guy Pascaud donated a hill overlooking Chasseneuil and wood that housed the beginnings of the Maquis Bir Hacheim .
The monument, which is reached by 60 steps, is 21 meters high and symbolizes the strength of its form "V" for Victory and the Cross of Lorraine.
As you stand here looking at the road
you have just driven up it looks like
a straight road , very cleverly done..

No there is actually a bend , and you drive past
and up to the car park ..

As we were here the rain poured but
Diane and I still managed to get out
and get some photos .. it was quite eerie
but not in a scary way.
All the photos below are taken from around the monument ..
I need no more words.

And around the cemetery

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  1. Spectacular!! I shared on my Facebbok page.

  2. What great shots to share on today, Veteran's Day in the U.S.

    1. Hi Paulita , I was thinking ahead when I looked at my photos . so scheduled the post for today .

  3. A great day to present this post. I feel very emotional every time I see this monument and having just returned from today's service and seeing your post makes me feel just the same. We will never forget. Have a good week, Diane xx00xx

    1. Hi Diane , As I said above I was thinking ahead so scheduled the post as I knew I would be out today. I felt very emotional on that rainy day we were there. Yes we will never forget, unfortunately in this country , we have to do it on Sunday before. I feel that it should be on the day . Take care and have a good week too. Anne xox

  4. We did a bike ride this summer that took in this monument. It is a very moving place. And quite a steep cycle up to the car park!

    1. Wow ..that is amazing .yes it is a very steep hill..!!! Very moving place ..too.

  5. Such tough times it was then...Anne, did you see this movie "Un long dimanche de fiançailles"---in English, I believe the title is "A long engagement", a drama set during WWI.
    Thank you so much for your interest in the olive wood spatulas. I had them made for my Pop Up Xmas shop at home and didn't think one minute, I could also sell them via the blog..silly me...anyway to answer your question : the big ones are 5€ (length : 28/30cm), the medium ones are 4€ (length : 20/25cm) and the little ones are 3€ (length 15717cm). Of course, as they're handmade, they all vary. You can drop me a mail at arivelo@hotmail.com if you want to buy some.
    Have a great day
    Lala xo

  6. That was most interesting and deeply touching Anne, you really do write some wonderful stuff.
    The pictures are amazing, such detail in the figures around the monument,
    It's amazing that everywhere you go around Europe, somebody has a tale to tell of wartime experiences.
    We've visited the Normandy beaches and several cemeteries and memorials to the fallen. It certainly hits home
    when you see row upon row of white headstones, it made me weep
    Such a terrible waste of so many young lives. .Ironically, my uncle Jack (aged 22) survived the Normandy Landings but sadly,
    was bound, trussed and shot by marauding German soldiers, on a Greek island in 1945.They knew the war was over but still went on and murdered my Uncle and several of his comrades. I didn't know him as I wasn't born until 1946. My grandma was heartbroken as he was her youngest son. He was such a handsome young man...so sad! I can still see his photograph sitting on her sideboard, surrounded by his medals !
    lovely post Anne , thanks for sharing.

  7. A beautiful and very appropriate post. x

  8. Fascinating post and lovely photos.


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