Friday, 14 March 2014

At last the Sun Shone ... A little trip to Oxford.

I went and met my lovely
friend Laura, who I have not
seen since before Christmas ..
So we met for coffee and a short walk round
Oxford , we didn't have long , but that is fine with us!

This tree is in the High street outside The University Church Of St. Mary The Virgin  , I am not sure how old it is , but the truck is huge and as you can see below , they have had to erect a cradle to rest it on before it breaks .

Love this view of the Radcliffe Camera and The Spires

We were unsure what to do , not much time and having
fun just chatting and walking in the sun ,
but decided to take look a look
the history is in the link above.

Exeter is Oxford's fourth oldest college.
It has occupied much of its present site since 1314

This is just amazing , how did they do it??

Last week I went to another college , which was free to look around,
I have been quite slow on blogging , lost mojo a bit , but slowly coming back.
And my postcard collection has grown again today ,, more to come.
Thank you for returning to have a read ♥
Happy Weekend to you all.


  1. I'm so jealous - I love that shot of the Radcliffe! Such great memories, hopefully will repeat some day.

  2. Hi Leslie , you will return I think and this time with Lorne :-) lots more to see. xx

  3. The buildings are magnificent. I've only visited Oxford on one occasion but was enthralled.

  4. Happy weekend to you too Anne. I love the stained glass window and the roof is incredible. Sounds like you had a lovely time :-)

  5. I love those windows. We are hopefully going to visit Oxford later this year. Our trip was postponed last year when my Mum broke her leg the day before we were supposed to go. He leg is on the mend, so hopefully not to long to wait...

  6. Anne, This looks like a fabulous day of friends, beautiful weather and gorgeous buildings. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The craftsman ship is beautiful. Love the windows and the beautiful light that shines through.

  8. Breathtaking architecture and lovely pivtures Anne, glad you had good dat in the sunshine...Long may it last, I received your advice about getting photo's etc on my blog....perhaps we could talk tomorrow, If you're available? I'm too tired today, if you send me your phone number then I could call you at a convenient time ? love Di..xx

  9. It has been lovely to get out side and soak up some sun Anne, must make a trip to Oxford and meet up with you sometime. It is years since I was last there! As for blogging remember it is meant to be a pleasure, so do not feel pressured to post when you do not feel like it.


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