Sunday, 19 January 2014

A little stroll down Rue Mouffetard Paris - July 2013

After Peter and I looked at the Street Art , we talk a walk
down Rue Moufftard , just taking a stroll and
then going for a beer at the bottom of the street.
Hope you enjoy this little stroll. As you know this street
is famous for all the little Delis, Cheese shops, Wine shops and
lots more. I do have photos of those from another trip but not this time.

This ancient advertisement, is  above what was once a chocolate factory,
and dates back to 1748, is situated on the pretty, Place de la Contrescarpe, Paris.
It’s now on Paris’s registry of sites deemed historical and unable to  be removed or modified.
If you would like to read more of the history in the link please.
I am sure if this was in the UK , it would be destroyed. I hope that the people of Paris
who want to keep it , do,
 lived in Paris at 74 Rue Cardinal Limoine in 1922 until 1923 with
his first wife Hadley , an American writer.

This is such unusual looking Art work.  Pigs, birds, dear and wild boar intertwining
amongst the plant spirals. is is dating from 1929 - 1931 and the shades of Gold and
Brown are original for the time. Created by  Adigheri   , an Italian artisan using
the sgraffito technique. 
Sgraffito is a technique either of wall decor, produced by applying layers of plaster tinted in contrasting colors to a moistened surface, or in ceramics, by applying to an unfired ceramic body two successive layers of contrasting slip, and then in either case scratching so as to produce an outline drawing.

I just love walking around and seeing this history , much more than
going to a museum. Not to say I don't go to them , but not very often!

Hope you all have a great week
Take care.
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  1. My husband, daughter and I were just talking about how much we love Rue Mouffetard this morning. They both remember a bowling ad painted on the side of a building. I wish I did. If you had a picture of that on your blog, I would have been amazed at the coincidence.

  2. That would of been amazing Paulita, .. and the fact you were all talking about it this morning :-) I think I will google it , take care,

  3. Such an interesting post. I agree that it would be a pity to change the name. Facts are facts. And that is part of history.

  4. That plaque for Ernest Hemingway..reminds me of a plaque I saw in Arricia dedicated to famous writers but they had Italianized all the names so there was: Ernesto Hemingway, Enrico Longfellow Guigelmo Shakespere and quite a few others...It actually quite annoyed me that they took the liberty to change everyones name like that!

    1. HI Nicki , I would find that so annoying too , Not there place to change the names , I don't think .. They should just stick to the names in their original nationality.

  5. Hi Anne. That street looks so interesting. I must ask Emma if she has been there. I loved the last photo , and all that artwork on the walls with the pigs is amazing. A very interesting walk indeed.

    1. Hi Diane , Have you not been there? you would love it . I am sure Emma has been there. Yes a very interesting wall of Art and a special way of doing it. Never heard of it before, Glad you enjoyed this walk ,

  6. I love your insights about Paris - next time I go there I´ll get some travel tips from you!

  7. This comment is from Esme ..her blog is I had a bit of a problem with the email , not sure why.

    I have been to rue Mouffetard-how have I missed this? Too busy looking at the food. Did you read The Paris Wife-It is Hadley's story-loved the book, hated Hemingway b y the end.


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