Saturday, 11 January 2014

More of Paris July 2013

After I left Linda and our fabulous
day walking around, lunch  and sightseeing,
I went off to meet Peter, outside Le Pantheon.

Peter kindly offered to meet up ,  and we
have been trying too for a while now. So great
of him to arrange it .  Peter is Swedish and has lived in Paris for
over 40 years and his blog tells you everything.
Detail is amazing . I am sure you will agree with me
if you go and have a read.  His blog is
Peter's Paris.

(These are photos from May 2010,
bit of problem with last years!)


While I was waiting , I took a little walk around..
  Maurice Durfle was a French composer, organist, and teacher

I have searched for information on this scuplteur , with not joy!!

Cannot find this person either ..

More to come of my walk with Peter..
and Street Art!!!


  1. Hi Anne. Some lovely photos of Paris you have posted for us. The photos are very clear. It really is such a beautiful city, isn't it?!

    1. Hi Diane , it certainly is a fabulous city :-) so happy you love my photos x

  2. Thank you for letting me walk through Paris vicariously, through your photos! Gosh, I am feeling travel-deprived - thank goodness for globetrotting friends who share bits of their lovely travels too!


    1. Hello Elisa, so happy you could walk through Paris with me , through my photos and happy to to share. Yes we have so many globetrotting friends, to share with us,

  3. It sounds like you had a fabulous time. I didn't make it back to Paris last year even though it was in the plan. I hope to go again soon.

    1. Hello CherryPie , how are you, I did have a wonderful time and met new friends, I do hope that you make it back to Paris very soon,

  4. Hi Anne - I was in Paris last June and I also hope to go back soon...thank you for commenting over on my blog and not forgetting me after my loooong blog break!

    1. Hi Claudia , great to hear from you. I have not deleted your blog from my blog roll , not forgotten either , I have your bag you made , in my spare room ,, :-) happy you are back blogging , yes a looooong break, welcome back.

  5. I love visiting the Pantheon- I've been twice now, it's so beautiful and grand. Lovely photos to see this morning.


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