Sunday, 15 December 2013

Saint-Étienne-du-Mont - Paris. - July 2013

After an amazing day with Linda,
I was meeting someone else . I was
meeting up with Peter, whose blog is
A totally amazing blog with
fabulous photos and so much
interesting information, a great writer.
Peter's detail is fantastic , nothing left out.
He is originally from Sweden but has
lived in Paris for about 40 years.
Have a read and follow. If you love
Paris, you will love his blog.
Initially we thought it
might be possible for Linda and I to meet
up with Peter , but unfortunately not.
So whilst waiting I thought I would take a look at
This church is situated behind the Pantheon and
contains the shrine of St. Geneviève, the patron saint of Paris.

A wonderful church to visit and so much to see around this area.

If you love France , why not go over to
Paulita's blog - An Accidental Blog
and have a look at her
Dreaming of France meme..

If you have any of your own stories to share with us
whether it be a your travels, a book you have read,
or maybe a film OR you just love France.
Maybe you would like to join us on Linky.
We love to see it through the eyes of others.

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  1. Anne, you're in Paris again? Take me with you next time? ;-)

  2. Hi Elisa, No not in Paris again!! This is from July , would be great if you came along too :-)

  3. Anne, What a terrific place to while away the time. You captured some terrific details. Coming to play Dreaming of France today? Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

    1. Thank you Paulita , normally when I am on my own , I concentrate a little bit better, and capture more. Yep I have just gone over to play:-)

  4. Such a beautiful church. My favorite, I think.

    1. Hi Linda, sure is beautiful. My first time in here, well worth the wait. :-)

  5. Another fabulous post and you have captured that stain glass window brilliantly, not easy to do. Have a good week Diane xox

    1. Hello Diane , hope your week is going well. Thank you , yes , sometimes you just catch the light right with stain glass windows, this was one of them. :-) Have a good week too , hope settling down a little bit , ok not too much ,, lol take care xoxo

  6. Gosh, what a fantastic Church. I love all the stained glass.

    1. Hi Diane, amazing isn't it :-) you would love to see it in real life, and such a fabulous area, lots to see.

  7. Your camera (and YOU) take phenomenal photos! I'm dreaming of going back some day.

    1. Thank you so much Leslie, such a huge compliment :-) , I have never been told my photos are phenomenal :-) You will go back one day , we could meet up there too . x

  8. Your photos ARE amazing!! I need to go back to Paris. Off to check out Peter's blog!

  9. I got to visit this special church last year. It was so fascinating and unexpected for me. Lovely to see it again. I haven't got to posting any photos (I have so many photos still to share- as I'm sure you do too- a trip to Paris is the gift that just keeps on giving).


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