Thursday, 13 June 2013

Visiting Fontvielle, Monaco, Dreamin of France Meme .....

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Other than going to the Grand Prix ,
we wanted to fit in as much
as possible , seeing the fabulous
areas in Monaco.
Linda and I walked
alot on our own, venturing to
new things each day , time permitting.
This day we went to
Port Fontvieille

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Only fifty years ago Fontvieille was nothing
 more than a narrow stretch of sand where the rock plunged into the sea


We took a peek at the

The Museum of Stamps and Coins of Monaco

walk round the port ,,
the little boats you can see are the boats that
take the guests to the private yachts , there is no other way!!

This is the other side to the sundial and it says
Cadran Solaire De Fontvielle ,,
I cannot find a link for it .. I will keep looking.

They have lots of statues around this area , so more to come!!


  1. I've never been to Monaco, or even thought of going. It must be fun to fantasise ! :)

    1. Always wanted to go to the Monaco Grand Prix,, but also love France too , so sort of did both :-)

  2. I only saw Monaco and not much of the surrounding areas as we were on a tour. Looks fab!

    1. Hi Leslie,, it was fabulous, and so much to see. Linda and I would like to go back , not for the GP though, in normal months ,, out of season even, , and adventure further afield, love it, and being so close to Italy , we could do both .. NOW there is an idea., :-)

  3. Hi Anne, thanks for returning the visit. I found your blog through someone else's - it was on their blogroll. Glad I did now.

    Sure, please feel free to share my post about the dreadful trip to Legoland on your Facebook page.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Anne,
    I LOVED this :). I have never been so South as this( I won't say the farthest South I have been because it is no contest!).
    Those are wonderful walks under the sun.
    Thank you for sharing and take care.

  5. How did I miss this post? Must have been as I prepared for my parents' visit. Gorgeous photos. You look like you fit in there amidst all the glamour and beauty.


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