Friday, 31 May 2013

The start of our adventure to Monaco.

On Tuesday 21st May ,
Linda and I, left my mother-in-laws house in
North London at 05.40 to make our way
to Victoria Coach station to catch our coach
to Nice.

We arrived at 06.30am  ready to board at 07.30
after starting the day with a Cafe and Apricot croissant!

The coach was taking us from London to Dover
to catch the ferry to Calais!
Linda and I were going to the Monaco Grand Prix
Linda's first grand prix and my first to Monaco, we
were so excited.
I booked this trip with Select Motor Racing,
which is owned and run by Kevin.
I had not used this company before
but WE WILL be using them again. 
I did have a recommendation
which is great.
Along with Kevin , there was Louise and Darren (our driver)
who were both brilliant too.
Select Motor Racing is
Run by Fans for Fans
and they look after their clients
just like they would like to be looked after
on a tour ... Not just taken from A to B !!!
We were looked after from start to finish, 
 nothing was too much trouble!!
Here is a map of a route ...
After leaving the ferry  at Calais ,
we made our way to Chaumont, where we were
making an overnight stop , with a 3 course dinner , wine and sleep !!
We stayed at  the Hotel Le Grand Val, who were very friendly,
we also stayed here on the return trip!!

I have never been on such a long coach journey ,
and to be honest , it was not bad, We had
quite a few leg stretch stops, lunch stops and then the
overnight stop , and with such good company,
I really enjoyed it (and so did Linda)


  1. Sounds like a full day! I've done two 2-week tours - one in France and one in England and Scotland. They were great as they stopped along the way at points of interest and on long runs, we just slept or chatted quietly. I can hardly wait to hear more about your trip and see photos!

    1. Leslie it was brilliant, I could not fault it at all!!Definitely do this again :-)

  2. Replies
    1. We had to have dresses etc for all our days and nights out :-) ..and an overnight bag too .. we travelled light !! LOL LOL

  3. I didn't know there were still ferries across the channel. I thought everyone took the chunnel now. I can't wait to see the rest of your journey and I think your husband should buy you an iPad so you can write and post photos while you are actually on your trips.

  4. I have never been good travelling on coaches, but the last few times I have been on one I seem to be travelling much better. Sounds like this was a real good trip you had. Well done. Hope all is well Diane xx P.S. The sun is shining here in Devizes today :-) I gather it is raining in the Charente though!!

    1. Hi Diane , I really enjoyed the trip on the coach , we saw so much and then we slept , had lots of leg stretching stops :-) we had a super trip thanks xox

  5. oh wow Anne, that's quite an adventure! You hardcore grand prix fan, you! Always more fun to go on adventures with friends :-)

    1. Hi Elisa,, yes Linda kept saying we were "hardcore" every time we went to bed late and got up early to start again :-) this was the first time Linda and I have been on a trip together and it was so much fun :-)

  6. Hi Anne. I must say that Linda looks really good at that time of the morning!! Hee Hee!! Always good to have a recommendation for these trips, and it looks as if they looked after you really well. Monaco always sounds like such a romantic destination, and I'm happy that you both had such a lovely trip.
    You will be pleased to know that I finally left my little caravan and I am in the house now at 9.30 p.m. typing this comment!!

    1. Hi Diane, yep Linda did look good that early LOl ,, we were extremely well looked after ,, and you don't have to be an F1 fan to go with this company, we are thinking of going on another , when we can put the funds together..LOL ,, I don't know about romantic , we went out and had fun , fun , fun!! I did see my husband twice, LOL ,

      I think we know where you will be in the mornings and most of the day xx


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