Friday, 12 April 2013

Aston Pottery - Oxfordshire ...

If you would like an afternoon out
and maybe lunch too or just
a coffee and cake ,
then you could visit
My great friend Sarah and I
visited last year ..(forgot I had all these photos)
we had lunch and cake !!
(sorry not real cakes)
There is so much to look at ..
(I would recommend not going with children)
more of a girly afternoon!!

Obviously I would not buy pottery here , as I would paint it myself !!!

They have an amazing array of gifts ,, very very tempting!!


  1. Oh Anne! How I wish I could have a mooch around here! That's just my sort of place. Lovely photos.

  2. Love the background colour of your blog now!

    1. Hi Diane, thought it would be your sort of place, along with other friends I know :-) .. I am so glad I changed my blog template and colour , I love it too :-) ♥

  3. Oh I would buy buy buy. I'd be hopeless at making anything for myself!

  4. This sounds perfect. Shall I meet you there some time?

  5. I have always loved the pottery there though I also never bought any. The teas are great, we often used to stop there when out on cycle rides. Keep well Diane oxox

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  7. Love the colour of the Blog and all those pottery pics...lovely.

  8. oooh! If I come visit, please promise you'll take me there :-)


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