Thursday, 21 March 2013

New Friend and Concert in Oxford

My new friend Laura and I met up for the first time yesterday,
and went to a free concert in Christ Church Cathedral , Oxford.

Now when I say we met for the first time , this is true ..
but back in January I went to another concert
in Christ Church with my friend Sarah ,,
 Laura was actually sitting two seats from me ,
but we did not talk to each other !!

Long story on how we did make contact again ,
but I am so happy that we did.

The concert was performed by the
Valley High School Orchestra
from IOWA...

Christ Church Cathedral is the smallest cathedral in England and the seat of the Bishop of Oxford. It is unique in serving not only as a cathedral but as the chapel of Christ Church College.

Below is St Frideswide window Edward Burne-Jones 1858

The panel shows a ship of souls carrying St, Frideswide to heaven.

The panel above tells the story of the eighth century
local saint, and to the right is the shrine, the oldest monument in the cathederal.  once held the relics of St. Frideswide, the patron saint of Oxford, but  was destroyed during the Reformation.

Edward Bouverie Pusey (22 August 1800 – 16 September 1882) was an English churchman, for more than fifty years Regius Professor of Hebrew at Christ Church, Oxford.
He was one of the leaders of the Oxford Movement.

The The oldest stained glass window in the cathedral is the Becket Window, found in the Lucy Chapel on the south side. It dates from 1320 and is a rare surviving portrayal of Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury who was murdered in his cathedral by order of the king in 1170.

If you are ever in Oxford and would like to meet up ..
I would be happy to take you around the city.


  1. Very Cool! Wow lucky kids who got to travel from IOWA!!! The pics of the stained glass windows and church are beautiful Anne.

    1. Hi Lucy, yes very lucky , I am not if I did a post of last concert , but they were from the USA too :-) .. thanks Lucy , happy you like them .

  2. Wow a free concert, I did not think things like that happened any more!
    Lovely pictures Anne and a lot of history here. I don't think we saw the Cathedral while I was with you in Oxford, maybe it was closed. Keep well Diane xxoxx

  3. Hi Diane, Yes great to have free concerts, this is my 2nd one now, and they were from the USA too, not sure I did a post. Happy you like them and the history. We did not see the Cathedral inside, no it was not closed, but I think that you have to pay to get in normally .. Keep well too xox

  4. Hi Anne. Gorgeous photos for us today, and aren't those stained glass windows just amazing. I rather like the idea of a ship of souls being transported to heaven. How lovely to have a new friend. It's so good when you meet someone that you really click with. Have a lovely weekend. I went out for a nice coastal walk yesterday. Glad I did. Torrential rain and strong winds again today :( So disappointing.

  5. The Ship of Souls looks like Paris's Coat of Arms!

  6. What beautiful surroundings for the students from Iowa to perform in! I loved seeing all the stained glass windows and hearing their stories. They do talk to us, don't they? Hard to believe in early days, that it was the way they learned the Bible stories that we can read so easily today in our own Bibles.

  7. Oh wow! Wish we could have gone inside when I was there. Maybe next time, eh?

  8. Hi Anne,

    I will definately take you up on your offer for Oxford in the future!
    I think that we just were on the outside of the Cathedral. What a nice time you & Laura had with the concert.
    Cheers to you & happy weekend!


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