Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Delightful restaurant in Rouen .....June 2011

After Leesa and I checked in to our hotel,
we ventured out for a meal and a walk.
We went to
a delightful
little Italian place.

I cannot find a menu online,
but I can guarantee it was DELICIOUS..


Please click on first photo to enlarge......
 What could be better .....
Eating Italian


In France!!!!


  1. I am enjoying seeing Rouen through your eyes. I always think of it as the place I get lost in when driving through!! I never get to see anything other than road signs which always take me in the wring direction :-) Keep warm. Diane oxox

  2. Hi Anne. This little Bistro looks absolutely delightful. What a real treat for you. Bitterly cold down here again - I don't like it! Keep warm.

  3. Check out my blog for Italian delights www.translating Next time in France I'll check this out. Yummy...

  4. Eating Italian in France. I love it. Hope you'll play along with my Dreaming of France meme. I know you have more stories about your Rouen trip. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  5. Such wonderful French style. I remember stopping off in Rouen with my French class once en route to Manet's garden. It is a lovely city.

  6. We've been to Rouen Anne and had lunch in a delightful Brasserie, it was down by the river. It was the rarest piece of steak I have ever eaten, and soooh deliceux!
    Golden memories,
    love Di..xx

  7. We visited Rouen, such a lovely city,was hoping to look around the Cathedral but it was closed for renovations.
    We had lunch down by the river, it was the rarest piece of steak I have ever eaten but so deliceux...We must get back to France again I do miss it, apart from Turkey it is my most favourite place on earth..

  8. Hi Anne,
    What a lovely restaurant! I think that one could find bad food dining out in France but, most of the time it is a real experience dining here. Food is a real art form.
    Every time that I dine out, I find at least one idea, food association or taste to consider at home.

    Beautiful shares- bon appétit!


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