Thursday, 24 January 2013

Another Postcard and another First ...

Thank you to my lovely friend Marilyn, who I have known for at least
34 years , we lost connection and through our sons, and facebook
we reconnected last year ,,

Marilyn does not have a blog,  unfortunately and
such a shame, as they travel a lot, and to
unusual countries .  Come on Marilyn,
come and join us bloggers.

Marilyn and her husband Trevor took a quick
trip to USA  in between Christmas and New year
and went to Boston USA.

How wonderful to be remembered , especially
when on such a short trip ... Makes me feel
very special indeed.

First postcard from Boston ,,,,the other first
was a postcard from Casablanca, sent to me 
by my good friend Diane, who went for Christmas,

Thank you so much Marilyn :-)


  1. Boston is a great city and what a nice friend to send you a post card from her trip.

  2. I have never been to the USA at all. N is not at all interested :( Great to have another postcard. You will need a whole room soon just to put all your post cards all over as wall paper Ha ha. Keep warm and take care Diane oxox

  3. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I know many bloggers who don't like awards either and this was the first time I ever participated but it had been given to me by a good friend so I couldn't not participate.
    It was an interesting and very hard exercise to do!!


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