Tuesday, 6 November 2012

September 10th 2012 --- I went to meet ..............

Jennifer  and Lesley  in London.

Leslie and Jennifer had never met before
nor followed each others blogs..
(Jennifer no long blogs .. very busy lady with work, maybe one day)

Leslie  ...oh so British!!!

Meeting up at Nelsons column..
11 am ... all sorted, and then
we find out it is the

Olympics and  Paralympics Victory Parade 
 It was good to get a bit of the atmosphere as everyone was trying to get
 their places for the parade ..   Lots of the volunteers were there
 and a lady from Wales who ran with the torch.

Click on photo to enlarge!

As you can imagine the place was very very busy and was
going to be heaving with people.. and the crowds started
to get in postion all the way down the Strand ...

Jennifer, Leslie and I made our way
to Covent Garden and had a lovely
lunch and a chat....
It was great as nearly everyone else
was waiting to see the procession...

After lunch we made our way to Harrods..
where Jennifer had to meet  her boyfriend Peter .. ,, yes we
met her boyfriend ..:-)  A  quick chat and then 
 and we had  to say
au revoir,

Leslie and I had a browse around in Harrods
then went for tea and cake in Richoux Tea Shop ..
You can see the photo at the top .. we had a
florentine each ..!!

Then we both headed home ..
We did meet up again (Lesley and I)
we met up in Stratford Mall near the Olympic village
and had lunch together in Jamie Olivers. :-)

Fabulous few days, friends,
meeting up and having  fun.


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely few days Anne.

    1. Hi Linda .. it was a super day out .. we all got on so well:-)

  2. Fun! You ladies are lovely, but where's this Peter fella?!

    1. Thanks Aurelia ..:-) as Jennifer said "Peter is a bit camera shy" LOL

  3. Oh I have such good memories of our time in London...the parade, the market, Harrod's, tea, and then later when you helped me choose my new purple Sketchers in Stratford! We MUST do it again SOON! lol

    1. Hi Leslie , yes such brilliant memories and photos to look over .. it was a brilliant day and we all got on so well. Oh yes hope Sketchers are going strong :-) we must do it again, or I save up and come to visit you ;-)

  4. Peter's a bit camera-shy :-))

    Nice post Anne! I have almost the same shot of the horses in front of Caffe Nero. How did you score the free coffee cards? Are you a frequent customer LOL?

    1. Thanks Jennifer .. great minds think alike when they see a good photo opportunity. :-) I will tell you about the coffee cards one day LOL LOL

  5. Gosh it looks like you had a lot of fun, pity I was not there or I could have gone up to London with you :-) Keep well and take care. Diane xx

    1. Hi Diane ... oh yes it was loads of fun, of course you could of come to London with me , you would of enjoyed it.. :-( shame you were not here.. Take care Anne xx

  6. Bonjour Anne,
    This was a wonderful day! Be grateful for the wonderful experiences and friendship.
    There is Jen! Nice to see you, girlfriend.

    On a different subject, I am trying something different. Would any of your friends & readers be interested in a prize drawing to be held on my blog this month?? Very simple to do



    Hugs to Anne xox

  7. Bonjour Barbara ... it was a fab day .. a wonderful experience with great friends.. Yep it was super to see Jennifer again .. :-)

    I have done a post about your prize drawing .. and your blog, hope someone comes over :-)

    Hugs to you too xox

  8. Wonderful! But must have been a nightmare in the crowds!

  9. Hi Liz , no it was not a nightmare, we were well away from the crowds by then ... long gone .. Lunch in Covent garden and then down to Harrods .. Bliss.


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