Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Another wonderful postcard arrived today..........

NOT from a blogger

BUT from a

Long lost friend.

Marilyn and I have known each other
years and years, but we lost touch.
She still lives in the town where we met ..
Bury St Edmunds

Our boys joined the Royal Air Force
and ended up at the same camp in the end:-)
but it was only recently that
Marilyn and I made contact through Facebook!!

The boys when we met .....
My son Jonathan is the one with the sunglasses on !!
Who has just done 19 years in the Royal Air Force..
and a daddy to two nearly 3 .

(ignore the bottle of wine LOL )

They are now daddies themselves -)

Anyway back to the postcard

This is from Bagan ..which is in Mandalay Region of Burma..
(first time from there)

A very very big surprise postcard :-)!!!

Big thank you to Marilyn ... she said she would send me one
but I didn't know where from , or if she would remember .. LOL LOL
Only Joking Marilyn !!


  1. You must have a huge collection by now! But it sure is a great hobby! :D

  2. Hi Leslie, I do have a huge collection, but everyone is special, the surprise ones are brilliant too :-)

  3. whoa. That looks like a really beautiful place! What a great postcard!

  4. Burma, that is quite different, that looks like an interesting place to visit. Keep well Diane

  5. Hurray for an old friendship made new again!! Three cheers for you both!
    Also Anne, thank you for your kind comment about my dear mom!!


  6. What a special time! Thanks for sharing this glimpse of your past!


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