Monday, 29 October 2012

Our artist Aidan .. and his ceramic painting.

As it is Halloween
I thought I would show you
our artist at work.

Aidan is our eldest grandson
and he loves to paint.

Whilst I was visiting him in Cupar
(yes I have more blogging to do)
We went out for a few hours
to the local Ceramic shop/cafe/play area.

I had intended the trip to be for him to make
something for himself .. BUT he is so caring
he made it for me.
He said to me "Nanny I have a present for you,
but I cannot give it to you yet"
Ok I said.
We went back to collect his artwork and he turned
to me and said "this is for you Nanny! 
Now it is on my windowsill!!

LOVE IT.. Thank you Aidan, xxxx


  1. Oh, how sweet of him! I'm sure it's a very special treasure to you. XXX

    1. Very special Leslie, ,, he is a very caring young boy , very very thoughtful, xx

  2. Absolutely Debi ,,, he is a treasure, :-)

  3. Fabulous!!! You have a gifted young grandson. Well done, Aidan!!

    1. He is a very great grandson .. and yep gifted too ..:-) xx

  4. What a giving little guy. You're so lucky to have him around to brighten your Halloween.

  5. What a lovely boy and so kind to his Nanny, have a lovely halloween Di.xx

  6. Aww, Aidan is totally adorable and he sounds like a sweetheart! And clearly a budding artist :-)

  7. How lovely to see he is artistic like his Grandma. :)


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