Saturday, 8 September 2012

Meeting a Blogger Friend ….

Leslie from Vancouver Canada
and I have been
following each others blogs
for about 5 years ..
yesterday we met for the first time

Leslie came to Oxford from London where she
is staying , to have a  tour around by me
her tour guide LOL ..

Leslie took loads of photos , so I am sure
once she is back home and settled, they will be up
on her blog!! She is a great writer, and her photos
are fab!

But in the meantime, we met and went for coffee, in
Cafe Nero (my fav) and then when we left I changed my route
and so glad I did .. I found a new place to look around
and even purchase gifts!!
Oxford Old Fires Station has been turned
into …
Crisis Skylight, offering a Cafe, Art Gallery and a
beautiful gift shop …
Crisis is the National  Charity
for single homeless people.
      Cimg3102 Cimg3103       CIMG3101



Cimg3107 CIMG3105CIMG3106

Definitely going back for a better  look round,
and to try their coffee!!!
Leslie and I had a fab time and got on sooo well :-)


  1. Yes, we did have a fab time, but I want to say that Anne is so tiny I look like a blob in the photo! lol She was the hostess with the mostess and took me around to so many beautiful locations like Christ Church and St. John College. And do keep an eye out for when I return home - there will be lots of blogs about my holiday complete with photos from Hampshire, Wales, Liverpool, Isle of Man, Yorkshire and London along with Oxford! Anne, you are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area!

  2. Hallo Tiny Anne!!!! It must have been really special to meet up personally with a bloggy friend, and I'm glad you got on so well together. That new shop is just the sort of place I love browsing around. It's always nice when something new opens up like that. Have a Happy Sunday!

  3. Anne, I'm so pleased to hear that you enjoyed your time with Leslie and that looks like such a lovely shop. Happy Sunday :-)

  4. Hi Anne, I'm so glad you met Leslie and had such a lovely time with
    her,she really is a lovely lady. We may meet up with her again, but not sure yet. You both look smashing in that photo, I'm dreading Leslie publishing a picture of me with my steroid head!
    Have enjoyed looking at you pics, particularly the gold embellished tea

  5. The shop looks adorable. I'd like one of everything. What fun to meet your blog friends. Someday I'm going to schedule an around the world tour to meet all of my blogging friends. Coffee, Anne?

  6. so glad that you had a great time with Leslie... and you made such a good job of showing her around oxford that I think i might come up on the bus sometime from cambridge and you can give me a tour round :-)

    1. Thanks Sally , yes that would be great to show you around too, when you have time LOL xx

  7. The karma of blogging in action again don't you just love it.

  8. Looks like a great place. Isn't it nice to meet blogging friends?

  9. SO much fun to meet up with blogging friends and enjoy the amazing connections we make around the world. Looks like you had a great day with that and shopping!


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