Monday, 24 September 2012

Blogging Friendship and my postcard collection …

You have been away …
Coming home in the rain,
Suitcase handle breaks so you cannot pull
it anymore, luckily it happened right
at the front door!!!!
You open your door, and what do you
see amongst your post????
A handwritten envelope, wondering what is
in it …??

Yes a beautiful card to cheer you up :-)
This lovely card is from my dear friend
Di, AKA Trubes.  She never forgets me when
she has been away , a very
thoughtful and caring lady, a dear
Blogging friend.
Di and her husband Ian have been on
a trip to Anglesey ( which they love) and the
view on the card is of Moelfre a coastal
village on the Isle of Anglesey.
Big big thank you to  Di :-)
Also like to say a big thank you to everyone
for their recent comments .. so great to see.
I will get round to reading your blogs this week ..


  1. Hand written notes are always a joy. I've never heard of those places your friend visited, except maybe in a Harry Potter book.

  2. Very pretty picture on that postcard from your friend, Anne.Isn't it lovely that she always thinks of you like that.

  3. I'm so pleased you received your card Anne and that the nasty rain hadn't washed away your address before you received it. I don't know what it is about Anglesey that draws me so much, it is quite different from other parts of Wales, yet only separated by The Menai Straits. It's such a short trip from where we live (90min drive), this alone is quite appealing, as my dratted back does not 'do' long journeys! Voila!
    Love Di..xx

  4. I love a hand written post card, I have to admit to almost having forgotten how to put pen to paper!! Take care Diane xx


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