Saturday, 25 August 2012

Deep within ……….

white flower 2

We all have something that we would like to share, but

somehow blogging doesn’t seem right..

Sometimes the past catches up with you

and it can all go wrong ..

Sometimes the past can catch up with you

and it all goes RIGHT!!!!

I am so happy .


  1. Lovely photo, and a nice, happy blog post! I'm happy that you're happy! x

  2. Anne that sounds like good news from you. Lovely photo and beautiful words. Keep happy Diane xx

  3. Anne, I'm glad you're happy. Sometimes we don't want to share what's within, and other times we do.

  4. Happy that you're happy! Lovely photograph.

  5. Amazing photo Anne and so pleased to hear that you are happy :-)

  6. Hi Anne,

    What a lovely flower.
    Oh my goodness; anything can happen through blogs. I know what you mean about the past sneaking up.That's why I don't blog "personal" anymore and just am content with my photography.
    Take care and be happy,sweetie.

  7. Really good to see this post from you Anne. x

  8. this blog post makes me wonder !! x x


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