Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Friends, Cafe Noir, Coco Noir and a gift….

on Monday evening my friend Sarah and i

were going to meet our good friends

Scott and Irene for a meal in a

restaurant in Oxford.

Unfortunately the plans got changed and

we ate at their place as Irene was

not feeling too good.

After the meal, they said shall we just go for

coffee, great idea , then we can head home.

Scott said “You are going to love the Cafe Noir

As we walked along we passed a beautiful

Chocolatiers… Coco Noir, of course it was

closed, I can always go back I thought.


In the window was some beautiful tins, I would

love one of those, and some Artisan Limonade!

Pictures on the walls of the Cafe!!

Cimg1733 Cimg1721


and a delightful dessert




Unfortunately I am going to

have to go back, as some of

my photos did not come out….

Good Excuse !!

or for some

Apple pie, which is a

German recipe ..mmm


During the evening I got talking to

the owner and I think is wife (not sure)

all about where they came from (he came from Iran),

how long they had been in England etc etc ..

then I started talking about my blog, and that is why I

would like the photos!!

After 5 mins or so he said “he owned another shop”,

I thought he meant a cafe/wine bar……….NO..

He/they owned


I did not know what to say really, , and started to say about the

beautiful tins in the window.. He said can you come back tomorrow

and I WILL give you one of the tins…. YOU CAN CHOOSE..

I said “ unfortunately I can only come back next week.. thank you .

HE said …”do you have time now?  Of course thank you so much..

He picked up his keys, I left my friends totally bemused.. and he took

me to his shop and let me choose one of his fantastic tins!!


Of course I had to chose one with Paris and as we (hubby) have been

to Le Touquet too, it seemed like the right choice!




The tin is very special, so I will treasure it!

A big thank you to Majid Yazdani ..

I will have to go back to Coco Noir and taste

his delightful GELATO!!

There are kind and thoughtful people out there.

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  1. Beautiful post Anne.
    Coffee and friends, the beautiful combination.

  2. OMG, Anne! You are definitely going to take me there when I come up to visit! I insist! lol

  3. It looks like a gorgeous place Anne. I look forward to when you post about the gelato :-)

  4. What a fun adventure you had!

  5. oh wow!! Ok, I definitely, definitely, definitely have to visit this place!!

  6. This article is really worth reading, it has too much details in it and yet it is so simple to understand, Thanks for sharing the picture it has great detail in it and i really appreciate your true artistic work!

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  7. What wonderful serendipity Anne. :)

  8. Hi John I don't normally write as much but had to do this time, pleased you liked the story though.

  9. How lucky can you get and now I am too far away for us to pop over there together :(( Keep well Diane

  10. Oh my, how generous and kind of him!
    It sounds like my kind of place.

  11. Ah, the magic of blogs. They can lead to more business for shops you visit. Looks like a great place.


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