Wednesday, 30 November 2011

It arrived !!! Thank you Sally ...

Yesterday a postcard came through my letter
box from

Antalya Turkey

from my great  friend Sally in Norfolk..

read all about her fabulous walking trip here!!

A super read and you will see all her recipes too!!

Today a postcard came from

Maine USA

sent to me by my cousin from Italy.

Both postcards were a surprise !!

Big Thank you to Sally and my cousin.


  1. More lovely postcards Anne, it is lovely how so many people think of you on their travels. :)

  2. What a lovely surprise to receive those two postcards from your friends. I love the one from Maine. Doesn't it look beautiful? I would love to go there one day. Good to see you here today my friend x

  3. ok third attempt at a comment.... so glad its finally arrived, especially as some are still missing somewhere between here and turkey :-(

  4. Still keeping up with your postcard collection! What a great idea! Do you have an album for them? Say Hi to Sally when you see her.

  5. Those are nice. You have nice friends.

  6. My aunt kept asking me to go to Turkey, hopefully one day. Wonderful postcards.

  7. Beautiful images! I have not been to these places, but there is always hope. ;-)

  8. Anne, I imagine you get cards every week from around the world. Will you have room in your house for your deluge Xmas cards?

  9. Ah, at a time when everybody sends emails, it's so lovely to receive lovely postcards. Great that all these people are thinking of you :-)

    Thanks for all your lovely comments, sorry I'm always a bit slow at replying... I hope you're well xo

  10. Turkey, now that is a place I would love to see. You are so lucky with all the Post Cards you receive. You will be able to paper a whole wall or room with them :) Take care Diane xx


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