Friday, 9 September 2011

Congratulations ... Karin and Paul are getting married today in Paris......

My wonderful friends Karin and Paul
are getting married today

... whilst they were on holiday in Canada
they had a Commitment Ceremony on the banks of
Cumings Lake......

It looks beautiful.

 The link to Paul's  blog post  is above.
You will have to read it!!!!!

Congratulations to Karin and Paul ....
I hope you have a fantastic day!!!
Love and best wishes
 from Anne xx.


  1. How lovely to have that commitment ceremony in Canada like that, and then, today, they are getting married in Paris. How romantic! I wish them a long, happy and healthy life together. I do love weddings, I must admit. Hope all is going well with your ankle at the moment Anne, and that you are gradually getting more and more independent.

  2. I love that he wore shorts.
    I stopped over and paid my respects.

  3. Thank you all! Anne for posting this lovely blog and for the nice comments. Also, thank you to Mark for stopping by my blog and letting me know Anne had sent you, otherwise I might have missed this.

    The ceremony today was lovely and we had lunch afterwards with some of the wedding party and it's been a wonderful day to get married, especially when people like you are able to share our happiness.


    PS Yes, Mark, the shorts rocked! If only I'd been able to wear them here in Paris as well.

  4. Having just returned from Paris, I can relate to what a perfect place that is to tie the knot!

  5. Hello Anne! :) I took a few days off from being online, but thankfully my new husband came on to thank you for the post and the link to Paul's blog. Thank you for sharing in our happiness, and thanks, everyone, for your good wishes. We appreciate it very much!

  6. What a lovely tribute to your friends Anne, warmest Congratulations to them both.


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