Monday, 29 August 2011

Postcard collection gets another boost ......

Thanks to wonderful blogger friends.....

The first postcard is from

Ellee.... I  have known Ellee for quite a
while, but we have never met, hopefully one day!

A lovely lady, with a very very interesting blog!!!

Ellee sent me a lovely card from Bourton-on-the-Water,
which is not far from where I live.. but it doesn't matter,
she thought of me on her trip..:-)

I think I have been there,not sure.. if I have it was
a long time ago.

Bourton-on-the-Water is in the Cotswolds and is known
to some as the Heart of England.
A very popular tourist in the region and some have
described it as the "Little Venice".

My second card came from Di..aka Trubes ...

who you know has just recently returned from a trip to Wales..

This is Llanddwyn Island ...(Ynys Llanddwyn) though not quite an island as
it remains attached to the mainland at all but the highest tides and is part of the
Newborough Warren National Nature Reserve.

The name Llanddwyn means "The church of St. Dwynwen".
She is the Welsh patron saint of lovers,
 making her the Welsh equivalent of St. Valentine.
 Her feast day, 25 January, is often celebrated
 by the Welsh with cards and flowers,
just as is 14 February for St. Valentine.

I have read her story and wishes, I find them quite sad,
but then she became the Welsh Patron Saint of Lovers..

A big Thank to Ellee and Di ..

I hope you all enjoy them as much as
I do.

I will be getting back into blogging again very soon,
I think, and Paris is next on the list. x


  1. Lovely that people keep sending you their postcards! Do they actually send them in the post to you?? Or by e mail. Bourton on the Water is such a lovely place . I love the Cotswolds, with its pretty little villages.

  2. Hello Anne:
    How marvellous to receive postcards from your blogging friends. A lovely way to keep in touch and to share their travelling adventures.

    Although we spend most of our time now in Budapest, we lived for many years in Herefordshire and so the Cotswolds were always a favourite for day trips.

  3. Nice to see you again and enjoy the rest of vacation time!:)

  4. Hi Anne,

    I'm on holiday in a few weeks and would be delighted to send you a postcard if you let me know how best to do it. Always lovely to see a post pop up from you. x

  5. Always lovely to receive snail mail in this modern age especially postcards. You must have quite a collection by now Anne.

  6. Hello Anne, glad you liked the PC, it's well worth sending one to you as you give such a factual and intersting write up to them all. As you know, we're off to France on Saturday so I shall 'hot foot' it to the local 'la poste' to send my next 'la carte postale'pour toi..
    Amities Di..x

  7. glad to hear you will be back to blogging soon... and that your leg is getting better slowly x x

  8. Great Post cards, you are a lucky lady. When you feel like blogging again we will be here, take your time, I know things are not easy for you at the moment. I think of you often. take care Diane xx

  9. Hi Anne,
    This boosts are just what the doctor ordered :)
    It was kind of these ladies to think of you..
    I do pray that your progress report is excellent.


  10. Both of those postcards just transported me. Wish I was there. Hope you are almost back to your old self.

  11. It's wonderful to get cards like that, and knowing that people think and care about you :-)
    Have a nice evening!

  12. I have just found your blog and to discover you are a postcard collector and the one from the Cotswolds is your latest this must be such a lot of fun but doesn't it make you want to travel to the destinations on the cards? I will be away soon and will gladly send you a card but how?
    I invite you to my blog.

  13. I am not sure how I got to your blog
    just followed a link from somewhere else but where I can't remember!!

  14. Hi Anne, you really know how to bring a postcard to life. We all enjoyed our visit to Bourton-on-the-Water. Did you know that it has 5 bridges?
    Stephen and I did a history walk around the town with a leaflet given to us by the Tourist Information office and we learnt some interesting tales. We also went to the Railway Museum, which had lots of other memorabilia too, and my pa-in-law loved it there as it brought back lots of memories for him of the good-old-days.

    Now it's your turn to send me a postcoard!

  15. Clearly I'll have to get out there and send you a card, Anne.

  16. I found you through Eva Maries Art Corner just remembered!

  17. James, I always promised Anne a postcard, and I'm glad I remembered on this occasion, even though it wasn't as exotic as the usual ones she gets.

  18. What a coincidence, sorry I missed this post until today Anne. Thanks for letting me know about it. :)


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