Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wonderful Diane aka Trubes .....

went to Wales for a holiday with her husband.

They had a fabulous time, sampling all the
Welsh foods (local cusine) having lots of day
trips .... and she thought of me!!

Croeso i cymru
Welcome to Wales
This is the Menai Suspension Bridge - Telford Bridge
Porthaethwy - Pont Telford
or even
Pont Grog y Borth...
The bridge links Anglesey and the
mainland of Wales .
It was  opened to much fanfare on 30 January 1826
and reduced the journey time from London to Holyhead
 from 36 to 27 hours, a saving of 9 hours.
(can you imagine such a journey)
The bridge was designed by Thomas Telford
and completed in 1826.

(btw Thomas Telford was Scottish)

Thank you Diane , so lovely to
be in my post when I returned from
a little break at
my eldest son and his family.


  1. How wonderful and thoughtful! I am sure looking forward to meeting all you ladies!

  2. What a lovely card. I have only every cycled along the edge of Wales never really seen it. Guess I will never get there now!! I gather you are back home again. Take care, chat soon. T'other Diane xx

  3. Wasn't that postcard a lovely surprise for you when you arrived home. I like surprises like that! Believe it or not, I have never been to Wales, although all my friends tell me how wonderful it is with glorious coastline. Hope you are gradually getting there and that your ankle is healing for you.

  4. What a lovely surprise - very nice postcard!
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  5. Yes, Trubes is great, isn't she? How are you, Anne? xx

  6. That is very thoughtful. Hope you are feeling better. x

  7. Hi Anne,
    A wonderful surprise!
    I would like to go to Wales one day, but no, I cannot imagine such in 1826, having a 27 hour travel time to get there from London!!

    Please continue to take care of yourself. You are getting there.


  8. I forgot how gorgeous Wales was!

  9. Lovely card! I would love to explore more of the UK!

    BTW, if you'd like a card from Sardinia, shoot me your address!!

  10. Hi Anne, what lovely things you say about me...of course it's all true...ha ha! I do love our visits to Anglesey...sometimes we go in the winter, on a day trip, to a lovely beach in Rossneiger, where they have a brill little fish and chip cafe, nothing fancy, just good old freshly cooked Welsh fish and chips...if the weather is dry and not too windy we sit on the beach and eat them. Of course there is a flask of something warming to wash them's amazing how the simple thing in life please!
    Hope you ankle is still improving and you're keeping cheerful,

  11. Oh my, I had never thought about visiting Wales. How that bridge must have wowed people when it opened. Hope you're recovering well and ready to start your own journeys soon.

  12. Such mighty bridge spanning this beautiful river valley!
    I dream of one day traveling to Wales and England.

  13. I always enjoy your postcard posts Anne, thanks for sharing the latest addition to your collection with us.


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