Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A new blogger .... Sara .

Lets give huge encouragement to a new blogger....!!

Sara is my cousin Valerie's daughter and yesterday
I noticed that she has started a blog. :-) :-)

Sara lives in Italy near Milan .. with her
husband and two adorable children.

Her blog is in Italian, but that is fine, we can
all get a translator.  I am sure
that Sara is going to give us some fantastic recipes
and photos. 

So feel free to call in and welcome her to the
land of blogging.



  1. Your wish is my command! m.

  2. Thanks Mark .. hope all is well. :-)

  3. Funny to think back to the first days of starting a blog. Who would have imagined it would become such an improtant part of my life and bring so many great people into my life. Good luck, Sara

  4. Hi Anne!
    i will certainly visit your cousin's daughter :-)
    your comment made me smile because i actually thought to keep it secret but then yes it's nice to share ! As you know, this area is quite secluded and oh so nice to walk around and honestly a house with garden in London..that's the cherry on the cake!
    Have a great week end....

    ps : oh dear, you broke your ankle..take it easy xo

  5. Of course I will pay her a visit, always good to meet more Italian bloggers.
    I hope you are starting to feel a little brighter Anne :)

  6. Great to see you being supportive of other bloggers. I will be following imminently. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  7. A warm welcome to Sara, to Blogland! I will of course pop right over there,as I absolutely love Italy and all things Italian. I probably won't be able to read it, if it's in Italian. Perhaps you could suggest that she puts in that Translation Widget like I have on my Blog. It's really brilliant.

  8. Thank you Anne!! And thanks to all my visitors ;)

  9. Ciao Ann, hope all is well...thanks for let us know this new website and welcome to Sara. I'll have a look at her blog and her recipes!


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