Saturday, 2 April 2011

Onwards we walk .....

which I have been to a few times now .

Would go again if anyone wanted
to walk round with me.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Richard Baylie was President of St John's College,
from 1633 to 1648 and 1660 to 1667
and built the chapel in 1662.

I am not sure what all the initials are , google tells
me it is memorial tile for  William Delaune.

(Sorry bit dark)

This is a memorial for John Case ..who we were told taught at
St Johns .  An interesting story told to us, was that
the only person who was allowed to get married was
the Head of school.. John Case fell in love and in
order to get married he had to leave. 

Afterwards we went to the beautiful gardens
and round to the  court yard .. very tranquil !

I hope you all have enjoying this little tour .....nearly finished. ♥♥♥


  1. Again, really interesting and informative post about the Chapel. It looks beautiful. I loved the little courtyard garden. It does, indeed, look very peaceful and tranquil. Loved the little pond as well. Just the sort of place I love to visit. Have a lovely weekend Anne.

  2. Lovely photos Anne! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I loved the tour. Aren't old churches full of such beauty and history? And to think how much praise has taken place there through the years....

  4. Interesting contrast between the dark and serious interiors and the sunny life around the church!

  5. Oh, Anne, I'll go with to St. John's College Chapel for another walk. If only that darn Atlantic Ocean wasn't in the way of my trip. :) Lovely seeing it event though I can't be there.

  6. I have walked around the colleges and chapels mainly but only gone into a couple. St John's wasn't one of them so it has been lovely to get a glimpse inside.

  7. very pretty, beautiful church


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