Thursday, 24 March 2011

Onwards we go .... Oxford Part Three ....

We made our way back up the High Street..

I am having a bit of a problem with this map ...
I am not sure that it is right .. it might be me.. BUT
I am positive that there is a little walk way ..from the
High Street to the Radcliffe Square ..!!
(Something for me to go back and photo)

up towards Broad Street ..

Click on  photos to enlarge.


After a coffee/Croissant break .. in Blackwells ,,

I only found out a little while ago that the
basement was there!! !!

we walked to St Johns College..

Just had to have a quick visit
to Cath Kidston first !!

I hope that you enjoy ...
and when Diane goes back online
after going back to France, she will surely have a lot
more to show you.   Hopefully she will  be
back online around the 2nd April
 (she has to reconnect) only time will tell,
she will be in France after all .. !!
But also she needs to unpack and get sorted..
I have seen what she has to take back !!!!
We will still be here for you Diane . ♥


  1. I loved those 5 photos of delights! This really has been a very entertaining tour of Oxford, Anne.

  2. Thisisme .. Thank you soooo much .. my pleasure :-)

  3. I have loved your Oxford series of posts. Thanks so much for letting us know what is happening with Diane too. I shall look forward to her being reconnected next weekend.

    Cheers for your comments on my post too, I shall get myself a fascinator!

  4. Just love all your virtual tours - of anywhere and everywhere! :D

  5. I remember seeing Blackwells but didn't have time to go in. I'll have to go back one day to check it out.

  6. Everything is just beautiful! I especially like the bicycle... I'm not sure why, but I do! Thanks for this tour!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  7. We did almost exactly the same as you! I loved the bike outside of the vaulted tea rooms (who were doing an excellent looking Sunday lunch by the way!) I also called in Cath Kidston to buy my daughter a couple of gifts as she had not been able to join us. (in fact I bought one of the gadget cases that you photograped!!) I think its amazing and also a bit spooky how strangers can connect and discover they were in the same place - just one day apart. Did you see them filming the Bollywood film? xx

  8. What is Cath Kidston? It looks like a shop similar to Sur la Table.

  9. How simply lovely this has all been. What a walk! And I dearly want to shop at a Cath Kidston...ahh, maybe one day.

  10. I'm a student at Cambridge, and I have to say it's not much different to Oxford! We've just had a Cath Kidson open too, and being a member of Trinity (sisters with Christ Church) I get to see the beautiful views that you have captured every day :)


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