Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Latest Ceramic painting …

I have not made
anything in ceramics for
quite awhile, sometimes
no inspiration.
Then it all comes at once!!

Reverse side of jug .. simple little
leaves in the same colours
as above ..

Cimg8150 Cute little bowls for dips, nuts or olives!
Cimg8154 Cimg8155
A gorgeous little cappuccino mug
with a little chocolate grater
from my niece :-) ♥♥
I am working on something else at the moment, but
it is going to take me a while … !!


  1. Lucy - Thank you .. how were you sooooooo quick to comment LOL xox

  2. Oh Anne, I really would like a cappuccino mug like that one, red is my favourite colour! I love your own ceramic work as well, talented lady.

  3. Anne your ceramic work is beautiful, and love that cappuccino cup. I hope it warms up a bit before Friday!!! Diane xx

  4. Beautiful Anne. Wow, you certainly did get a big wave of inpsiration. The first pitcher is my favortie, very pretty! You should sell them.

  5. You're so creative. I especially like the pretty designs on the jugs.
    I've been catching up with your blog and enjoying the Betjeman posts.

  6. Well, there you go, I had no idea you were so talented. Talk about hiding your light under a bushel!!! They are really pretty. I loved the first jug and the pretty little bowls. You will have to try to sell them at craft fairs or the like.

  7. Very pretty! What other hidden talents to you have?!

  8. I love the bowls. I wish I had a stack of them in those gorgeous colors to use for cafe au lait in the morning.

  9. love the little dots/design on the pitcher.

  10. Hi Anne - I so... love those spotty mugs, you're very talented. xx
    "All Things French"

  11. Salut Anne, I so know what you mean when it comes to inspiration coming and going... That little jug is really lovely and so are those bowls - I like to have sets of threes rather than pairs, just a quirk of mine I guess. Wishing you a lovely end-of-week xo

  12. I love the cute little bowls :-)

  13. Goodness me you are talented, I love all of it! I'm the same with my writing, nothing for ages and then it all comes out at once!

  14. Oh Anne you did a wonderful job! They are all so pretty!!

    Happy March!

    :) T

    p.s. I got the chocolate bars you asked about at a local health food store...

  15. Looks great! I have absolutely no talent for that sort of thing although I would love to.

  16. So cute!I want those little bowls.

  17. Wow!! I LOVE all of your beautiful creations!

  18. Hi Anne,
    I think that this must be the very first time that I have seen your creations!
    So bright and cheery :)
    I have to flip through your archives to see your other creations.

  19. this is soooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeousbridal jacket


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