Saturday, 26 March 2011

A great all year round present ....

is a subscription to a magazine.

Not everyone likes reading mags,
BUT if you do, its great.
I like coming home and finding it
has come in the post..!

My husband bought me mine
for Christmas 2009 and continued
it for this year too!

My fav is Easyliving ..
it has sections of In the Know,
Emotions, In Depth, Health , Food
and Homes. 

My mother-in-law has
Goodhouse Keeping, we swap over
every few months. She has
been having  this  for years and we always
ask the same question each year, What would
you like for Christmas .. Same answer!!

Every now and again we
get a free gift .. and this months
was a trinket tray...
really cute .. I am pleased I got
this design .. !

Notice anything in particular??? ♥


  1. I'll have to pick up an issue of Easy Living some day soon and give it a try. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. Paris!
    I used to have the subscription to the Australian Better Homes and Gardens which I loved (I kept them all). My mother would give me a subscription ever year for Xmas so it reminded me of her and of my home country. Sadly she passed away and the magazine no longer sends overseas. Thanks for reminding me of the little things that would brighten my day.

  3. Yes! I noticed! The Eiffel Tower! Do I get a prize??!! LOL! I totally agree with you. My daughter bought me a subscription for Good Housekeeping for my birthday last April, and it's lovely to receive it in the post.

  4. i never buy magazines anymore..... for 2 reasons, first they have just got so expensive and second i can read most things on the internet for free but a subscription is a real good idea and a fab gift :-)

  5. My mom started sending me a subscription to Southern Living magazine. It's the magazine she used to ask me to get for her. I never read it, but my daughter likes it when she comes home from college. She's always finding yummy recipes. I should read it. Guess I'm not very homemaker-ish right now.

  6. Bonjour Anne,
    I think that a subscription gift( when you know someone's tastes), is a very thoughtful gift.
    It is like receiving a new gift each month!
    Oh yes; I quickly noticed the tour Eiffel on your gift plate. That was tailor made :))

    Take care

  7. I agree that magazine subscriptions are a great gift to give and receive. The free gift was appropriate with the Eiffel Tower :)


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