Tuesday, 14 December 2010

We are still in San Cirq Lapopie .....

I am going to post a few images
at a time,  of this fabulous place.

Also I am thinking how long
can I keep this blog going , if I don't
go anywhere!! 

My trip is nearly coming to the end!!

Oh well I am sure I can come up with
something, lets hope so!!


  1. Hi Anne ~ I love your pics of this pretty little village ~ even the name is gorgeous.

  2. And you and I are going to go back there some day, right? lol

  3. If only those walls could talk... If you could hear them the blog would go on for ever! Obviously nearly time you had another holiday:)
    I have had Nigel in bed since Saturday with a virus so I am far behind with all my things while I play nurse! Only one more weekend till Christmas, I have never been so far behind with things before in my life. Diane

  4. I would just Love this place! A sort of secret garden...

  5. Pretty place!
    One trip ends, another begins, so there is always something to share with the others:)

  6. Oh... So happy to have found you! You know... I'm just starting to follow you so...why don't you post your trips all over again... until you take a new one! TV runs reruns, why not bloggers!? Especially when you have such lovely places to share!
    PS Be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!

  7. I know I keep saying this, but your photos really are stunning. It does look such a pretty and peaceful place. I wonder where you will be going to next?!

  8. Hi Anne
    I feel the same some days, I don't have a lot of time to stop on the way to work. And I feel that sometimes people don't care what I write. I think they like the photos more.

  9. Fabulous pictures indeed! You have a wonderful blog to follow! Always a surprise in every page! Very nice work! Happy holidays!

  10. Now I crave blue skies, sweet Anne!
    Have a jolly Advent season xxxx

  11. Hi Anne, beautiful photos and you make me want to travel to Europe and UK all the time. Merry Christmas..hugs/M

  12. Great village. I'm just taken with the blue sky since all I have seen in Paris is a gray one.

  13. Please keep this blog going! Your love for travel is contagious. This place is so pretty, it remembers me me some places of my childhood. Baci!

  14. This looks like a tranquil and beautiful place to escape to. And don't worry for your blog! We followers are faithful :)


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