Saturday, 18 December 2010

Little Robin Red Breast

from our kitchen window.....

having a little feed!

Don't worry, the feeder is clear on the other side !!
They can get the food.


  1. Lovely Christmassy photos Anne. I love little robins! Keep warm.

  2. I am jealous all we have around here is blackbirds. Hope you are keeping warm. I made it as far as the library this morning but ended up with quite a lot of snow inside my ankle high wellies!! Nigel is a bit better but not really right, he is coughing very badly. Diane x

  3. beautiful photos..i miss the snow.


  4. Hi Anne, I'm round the corner from you in Berkshire, Reading to be precise. Love your picture of the robin.

  5. i never get any birds in my garden.. even though i tried to encourage them with food and water , think its due to all the cats that seem to be about:-(

  6. Sally - lots of cats about here, and we used to have a cat ourselves .. so not sure why .. I just have the feeder on the tree, and it is right next to our window ... very close to the house.

  7. Beautiful red robin ~ my very favourite bird and just perfect for Christmas.
    Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee Anne and thank you for your lovely post they are a delight to read
    much love at Christmas-time

  8. I love robins. We used to have them in the garden when I was a child. None here in Australia!

  9. What a sweet visitor! I love watching birds.

  10. Hi Anne,

    Just catching up on blogs! I LOVEEEEE all the pics you've been posting of the snow.. Esp. love the little birdy! SOOO cute!
    Hugs, Leese


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