Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Galeries Lafayette - Paris

I have a new found cousin (2nd)
il adore Paris, tout autant que moi!
(He adores Paris just as much as me)
Julian was  there recently
for a brief visit and took this photo.
How wonderful the store looks!!
Julian and I have never met, hopefully we
will soon and you never know it could
be in Paris!!
He has a brother and sister who
I have also  never met, they both live in
another place I ♥♥... Italy.
My cousin Valerie ( their mum ) and Gianni
 (their dad), live in Italy.  Valerie and I have
not seen each other since 1966. 
We also only spoke to each other for the
first time since then the other month.
I found Julian and his siblings through Facebook,
along with other members of my father's
side of the family.
The countries they live in are ...
Luxembourg, Italy, Malta, Denmark and South Africa!!
So I think I better get my ticket booked to visit
my cousin very very soon!! ♥


  1. How lovely for you to have found all these people in such lovely parts of the world! More travels beckon, I feel!!

  2. How lovely! I hope you enjoy meeting up with them. I certainly did when I met some cousins for the first time in Melbourne. :-)

  3. Wait for me! I'm hoping to come over next September and maybe you & I can take a week in Paris.

  4. What a perfect time to realize you have a new cousin! Christmas is the time for family, and beautiful Galeries Lafayette

  5. Absolutely AMAZING!! I am soo happy you found so many family members and the fact that they are scattered all over like that means that you will have many places to visit! Hope you get your trip to Paris booked soon!

    Hugs to you ... Leese

  6. Beautiful ligtening!
    Happy Christmas to you and your Familily!

  7. A lovely photo. This time of year is such a great time to visit Paris. I think you best visit your cuz soon, Anne!


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