Monday, 18 October 2010

Thinking Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month ....

Rosa  of Bell'Avventura asked us
if we  would like to take part
in the Thinking Pink Breast Cancer Awareness month,
when we all do blog posts about PINK!!

How could we refuse our lovely  friend and for 
such a great cause close to everyones hearts.

We have also  linked up with Italian  Mamma Felice
and 230  401 other great  bloggers  taking part.

Here are a few of my wonderful friends 
that got back to Rosa.
Laura - Ciao Amalfi
Cherrye - My Bella Vita
Donna - Maremma Guide 
Lauren - Mamaquest
Veronika - Modenus Blog
JoAnne - Frutto della Passione  

Think Pink ♥♥


  1. Thank you for joining in Anne!! xxx

  2. Pretty pink pictures, Anne! Think Pink! (PS - "my favorite" woman is sitting behind the cake ... wearing pink!) :-)

  3. Your blog is pretty in pink today Anne, so pleased you joined in.

  4. Lovely pictures, I love the perfume bottle and the mug. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we didn't have to do this ever again.

  5. This is such an important cause and those pink pictures are lovely. I really hope that somehow people/women/we/they can raise enough money for sience to one day find a cure...

    I've discovered that you've visited my moodboard, thank you, I really appreciate it. With a bit (ok, a lot) of luck I might win and buy us a swanky new sofa ;-)

    Have a lovely week, Love from London x

  6. Thank you Anne for Thinking Pink! I have hope for all who have cancer. Things ARE getting better!
    Appreciate your pink photos!!


  7. Hi Anne,
    YES for cancer and breast cancer awareness,research and of course mammograms.

    In France, all women who have reached their 50th b day are elligeable for a free scrrening, and thereafter at regular intervals.All of this with the Gov't health system.

    Yes, think pink!

  8. Love that you joined in, Anne! That pink rose quartz heart is so pretty!!

  9. Thank you every one for all your comments .. I was honoured to be asked to take part in this worthy cause, with all my wonderful fiends.

    Yes it is the same here , once age 50 everyone lady gets free screening , I had mine.

    I have been over to all my friends to see their fantastic posts, Well done :-)

  10. Yes, well remembered. I'm wearing a bright pink cardigan today.

  11. SO many pretty pink things! I used to hate pink, but through the years and after two daughters, I have warmed up to it :-) And of course in this case, pink is a symbol, so go pink!

  12. Anne, just wanted to let you know that you won the draw for my pink post, I sent you an email with the gift certificate.

  13. Thanks for letting me know about this Anne. It's a great cause :)


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