Thursday, 7 October 2010

Thank you Leesa and Barbara ....

for my lovely postcards.

Would  you believe they all came
on the same day !!

Barbara had been to see  friends in
Amiens just an an hour from Paris.

So great that Barbara could go and do
a little bit of travelling, have fun and laughter,
and blue skies too!!

And Leesa sent me cards
from her great trips to
Where I know she
had a fantastic time,
meeting new friends!

 Leesa sent this one too!!!

So great when my friends and other bloggers
think of me.
Thank you ♥♥


  1. You certainly have well traveled and thoughtful friends....who know of your love of postcards. What a treat.

  2. Bonjour Anne,
    You got it!! I was a bit disapointed to not have enought time to post it "earlier". Time flew so quickly, and by the time we sat down for a drink,
    it was almost time to leave for gare du Nord.

    I think that you would have liked Amiens.
    Great cards fro Leesa, too.


  3. Love the postcards, especially the one of the Dublin doors. I would pick that one, wouldn't I!
    Wishing you a fun and happy autumn!

  4. You are lucky enough Anne to have such a good friends! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Hey Anne,

    Just 'catching up' here--- YAY! That you received our postcards.. how funny that mine AND Barbara's got to you on the same day.. that's hilarious!
    I loved the doors in Dublin...
    I'm sure Jennifer would have picked that one, too.. Anne, it had your name ALL over it..
    The Paris one is one I bought at the Gare du Nord while waiting for the Eurostar to London this summer-- I bought it in the little souvenir shop when you are in the waiting room before your board the train.. They had the cutest things there and the post card made me think of you right away!
    Take care and have a great Sunday afternoon/evening...


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