Sunday, 31 October 2010

Even more from Cahors .........

I am sure they had every herb and spice
you could think of, and many many more!
And a splendid variety of teas too.

LEON GAMBETTA (1838-1882), French statesman,
was born in Cahors on the 2nd of April 1838.

this really is a donkey with them!!
I thought I was seeing
things at first...


  1. Your pics make me want to be there! Love the donkey.

  2. Oh I want to be there to!!

  3. Me to! I need to look on a map and see if it is feasible to visit Cahors on a drive back to the UK sometime. What day of the week is the market Anne?

  4. These are some lovely mosaics, Anne. Lovely color combination! Have a happy new week. xxxx

  5. amazing to see that donkey ~ I would have felt like I was in the movies.
    Lovely little green vegs in the very top pic ~ they look like baby zuchinni's. very cute.
    Have a safe week

  6. What a gorgeous market! The sight of all those fabulous veggies and fruits (peaches!! I LOVE peaches!!) is making me hungry :-)

    Did you buy anything? The tea stand looked really tempting.

    Cahors looks lovely! I'm going to look up its location right now to see how far it is from us :-)

  7. Thanks for sharing more photos of this truly lovely market full of goodies!

  8. Hi Anne,
    Oh my, the food!!
    Food is one thing that everyone agrees is so good in France.
    :) :)
    I am just catching up with your last posts.
    And I LOVE that that pic!!

  9. How fun! I want to go shopping with you. So colorful--much better than a shopping mall or a High street.


  10. oh! i love french and itaian markets :D
    i just bumped into your blog! so interesting!


  11. I appreciate this walk through this wonderful is a unique treat when out my window right now it is so dry and yellow. Blessings to you!

  12. What fun....I so wish I was there...instead of here right now.

    I love that market!

    Hugs my friend. xoxo

  13. Aren't French markets just the greatest? What a wonderful tradition.

  14. So lovely to 'meet you' Anne - thank you for popping by Dolliedaydream and how fantatsic you have also been to the Midi Pyrenees! We've actually been offered the opportunity to return full time (!!) and work for our friends next year in Entraygues so lots to think about this weekend
    :-) I'll have a good read through your blog and see where else you have been - kisses Kitty xxx

  15. Those market pictures are wonderful, how I wish I could be there right now... x

  16. Oops , think I missed this post, great photos and I love the donkey. Diane

  17. All shots are great but the spice and tea mosaic really caught my attention. Great post!


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