Thursday, 2 September 2010

Thank you to you all for

wonderful comments
as usual :-)

I am still on my hols,
been pretty busy,
walking in lovely towns and the
French countryside and taking lots
of photos!

I hope to catch up with you
very soon.

I see you have all been
as I looked on
google reader.

Going to take me awhile,
but I will make sure
to visit you all again very

Take care and have a great weekend!!


  1. Delighted you are enjoying your holiday, I know what you mean about Google reader. I have had a few days away from the computer and now have so many posts to read!!!

  2. Are you having a good time?

    Are you still with Laury?

    Are we going to get some pictures soon?

    All the best


  3. It's tough to back from holidays and start looking at all the posts you have missed! I have the same problem! :-)

  4. Hi Anne ~ enjoy your holiday and the beautiful French countryside~ I will be looking forward to your pics on your return.

  5. Just enjoy the holiday we will catch up soon. I have guests here at the moment and keeping up with just a few posts is difficult. When they go next week I expect to be at the computer for a whole day catching up! Diane

  6. Looking forward to more pics and posts! Have fun!

  7. You should be enjoying your hols instead of thinking of blogging ;-) Hope you're having a great time. Love from London x

  8. Hope you're having a fabulous time! Looking forward to hearing all about it!


  9. Hi Anne,
    how are you? I have been some days in Tuscany, but I'm back in Liguria and busy in guide tours. Hope to hear you soon! Have a nice day. Anna
    p.s. I have changed blog domain address. Now it is Hope to see you there. A presto :-)

  10. Have lots of fun! Can't wait to see your holiday photos!

  11. Every time I pop in, I never know where you will be. It must be fun traveling so much and experiencing so many new things. I guess since I live in a totally different culture, I get that "thrill" experience more on a daily basis. Enjoy your trip!


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