Saturday, 25 September 2010

I have been a neglectful blogger ---- Postcards from my friends..

I looked at my ♥ postcard
frame and yikes , I saw three
new ones !!

The first one is from Dana who lives in Stresa,
a beautiful part of Italy, which I have yet to visit.

Dana's blog is Stresa Sights , very interesting with
lots and lots of brilliant info and great photos of this area and more.
Anyone with a huge interest in Italy should go over
and have a read.. you will not be disappointed.

Dana thought of my postcard collection, which was so
great of her, and she even posted it from America. ♥

My second card is from
Koralee - Bluebird Notes.

A beautiful handmade card,
with a tasty cupcake on ♥

You must go over and read and see
Koralee's pretty blog, so colourful and

My third card is from my wonderful friend Brigitte who lives in Paris.

She was on holiday in Tunisia and thought of me ♥

Brigitte is a lady of many talents .. one being a singer!
She is amazing... so if you are ever in Paris you must
find out where she is singing and GO!

Big Thank you to Dana, Koralee and Brigitte ♥


  1. More delightful postcards and another Italy blog for me to explore, thanks Anne. you must have a huge collection of postcards by now.

  2. The link to Stresa Sights does not work, thought you would like to know :(

  3. Marvelous postcards! Have a great weekend Anne.

  4. Does that top card say something to do with stressful maggots..? Or is it just my terrible Portuguese again ...?!?


  5. So glad the postcard arrived safe and sound! I was happy to contribute to your collection. -- Dana

  6. Very post cards!

  7. Next time I go anywhere special I will send you a postcard.

  8. Wonderful :)
    Keep the love flowing!


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