Monday, 27 September 2010

An Amazing Web ............

Webs have always
fascinated me, just so intricate and precise.


  1. Beautiful it reminds me of a big wheel for some reason :)

  2. I agree with Lindy - London Eye springs to mind! (Is it still there?)

  3. Anne this is a lovely web. I am not fond of spiders but one has to admire their handy work. I love them when we get the first frosts and the webs are all white. Diane

  4. reminds me of a doily, very nice.

  5. That looks to be an especially large and lovely one. Spiders can be such fascinating weavers!

  6. I see a fairy resting inside! :D

  7. I love the webs especialy with due on but I am not so keen on the occupants...

  8. Gorgeous!

    I only seem to find puny webs, which as less impressive to photograph.
    That is a giant web!

  9. Hi Anne,
    Your photograph of the spiders web is beautiful and your words about the intricate ways of nature are so true. How vast and impossibly amazing nature is. The closer you look the more one must shake there head in wonder. Many times it is mathematically perfect.
    So amazing. I adore it!!
    Thank you for your kind words to my mother!!


  10. Hi Anne!
    I love so many aspects of nature ~ spiders don't bother me like they do others... I guess as long as I'm just looking at them :o)
    But their webs, so incredible! They can withstand wind and rain... amazing.
    Right now, we have a "resident spider" living inside my sparrow birdhouse! It's so funny. The web circles and circles around to the small opening... then if you look closely, you can see the {big} spider scurry inside!
    I'll see if he's still there and take a photo.
    The web you found is so perfectly round. Really pretty actually~

    I'm home sick today with a nasty cold... it's been fun to visit during the daytime!
    Thank you so much for your lovely visits too!
    Have a wonderful week!

  11. Me, too.. and this one is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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