Monday, 2 August 2010

How could I not put these on my blog ......

Back in May,
I stayed with my
great friend Leesa.

She took me to her
brilliant market ,
and of course I had to take some photos!

Jeff de Bruges

Chocolate shop in Antony.

I was a very lucky to be given my own box of these delicious chocolates

before I went there..

My lovely friend Barbara brought me a box over, on her trip to Oxford..

Leesa brought me gifts too!

These are from her trip with Alex

to different areas in France.

Big thanks to my wonderful friends ♥


  1. Lovely photos, very nice friends!

  2. Hi Nadege .. I see your name alot on blogs, do you have a blog?? Thanks for calling in, Yes wonderful friends. :-)

  3. Pure eyecandy, Anne, your mosaics. I'm leaving in two days. We will travel to germany for one week. Looking so soooo forward to it!
    I threw your name in the big Giveaway bowl. Fingers crossed. xxx

  4. I love photo's of food and especially market shots with all the vibrant colours (purple garlic being my favourite) and that chocolate looks fabulous - You're making me drool!!
    Dianne xx

  5. How nice to have such thoughtful friends :-)

    The market looks fascinating.

  6. I always love walking through the marchés to see the produce, fish, fromage, etc. I love watching the new fruits and vegs that come to market as the season changes!

  7. Bonjour Anne,
    A true friend indeed who bring your chocolates - your phots look fantastic! ARe you using a digital?
    Hope all is going well for you. Sorry I have not been by to visit as often, we need to catch up.
    Bon week,

  8. You truly have good friends, Anne..and when blogger becomes becomes more special. Happy week ahead.

  9. The first few images look like market food, is that right? All so delicious!

  10. Bonjour Anne,
    Good snaps, looks yummy and mouth watering.

  11. Thanks for your recent visits and comments over at News From Italy. With all our visitors now departed I am catching up on my Blog reading.

    I love your collages, I think the one with the vegetables is my favourite today.

  12. Hello Anne,
    I popped over from m.kate's blog when I saw you are from Oxfordshire. In 2008, we visited Oxford for the second time and loved walking the streets taking photos.
    Willow from Southern California

  13. The true "sweetness" of friendship. What great pictures Anne.

  14. Bonjour Anne,

    Aren't you just so spoiled? :)
    A little pampering never hurts!

    Going to the marché is both usesul and pleasant. Iam sure that you enjoyed the variety and freshness of the produce.Antony has an excellent marché.

  15. You have some of my favourite savouries here. Do you just look, or eat these goodies as well?

  16. Hey Anne...

    Great post!! Love the pics of the marche' d'Antony from your eyes! And of course, my fav. chocolate store in France... Yum yum!!! Glad you got to taste them up close and personal!
    It was a nice time, wasn't it?!

    Take care,

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  18. I love chocolate and the shop jeff de Bruges in your pictures is great. I would like to go there, thanks for sharing your photos on the blog Anne!

  19. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  20. Anonymous ... Blog etiqutte is normally to say where you are from, how you found me, and possibly leave a name .... if you had a blog you would of signed in with it, and I could follow back to you.


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