Sunday, 25 July 2010

A Big Thank you - two wonderful friends..........Rosa and Lucy

How blessed I am to have wonderful friends,
not just in the UK
all over the world!!
Yesterday I had two surprises
in the post...
My first huge surprise came from my
lovely friend Rosa (Scintilla) who spends her
time between

A fabulous book and postcard...
I was amazed and very happy.

Rosa knows I have a love for Italy,
so this is such a wonderful gift.

Her blog Bell'Avventura is full
of wonderful photos of Positano
and the Amalfi Coast.

Not just photos, but lots to read too!

I love reading and seeing the beautiful sights
of any part of Italy, but especially Positiano!!

Go on .. have a look, you will not be disappointed,
you will want to book a trip!

Rosa and I have been following each others blogs
for quite a while, also connected through Facebook
and are really good friends.

Even though we have never met.
I hope we do one day.

The second was from my great friend
Lucy from Pickering, Ontario.
Lucy and I have never met either,
but connect through blogging and Facebook
and have spoken on the phone.
Such a shame I never got to
see her on my trip to Montreal,
too far away for my short trip.

A beautiful card of Algonquin Park, Ontario.

Lucy has a wonderful blog,

On my way 2 work and Other Stuff,

with fantastic photos of Sunrises/Sunsets,

places of interest, her family and lots more!

I hope you get a chance to visit her too!

Big Thank you to you both ♥♥


  1. oh that book is on my MUST READ lists! Can't wait to get it sometime. Lucky you :)

  2. Oh so sweet!
    Cards, how fun it is to be receiving write treasures!!
    Have a happy happy Sunday, Anne xx

  3. What lovely friends you have! Enjoy! That book looks amazing. xoxo

  4. How true what you say about friend Anne!

  5. Cool! I'm happy you recieved the card. Thank you for the lovely write up on me, your so wonderful yourself!

  6. Look at you with all these kind ones in your life. :) Lovely stuff.

    The postcard of Ontario's Algonquin Provincial Park reminds me of the Canada trip I will *not* be taking this year... :( Alas, there is always next year. I hope we'll be able to go back to Canada then! It's so pretty there.

  7. Congrats Anne..I have something for you soon but you need to give me some time. Back from Vietnam and son has chicken pox and I am off to Jakarta/Indonesia this kinda busy here. However, when I am back early next week, I am off to the post office :) Happy week ahead. hugs.M

  8. Gorgeous!

    Don't you love what blogging has done for us? Made it possible to become fast friends with someone you have never met in person, and for it to be normal and wonderful and shared by so many?

    LOVE :-)

  9. Wow! how many cards..they are so beautiful. Elisa is right, blogging is fantastic also because you become friend with people you never met.

  10. Bonjour Anne,
    Wow,this is great! Two excellent surprises :)Rosa and Lucy were very thoughtful.
    You are indeed blessed.
    Your postman must think that some type of star lives at your home,seeing the cards,and parcels that arrive from around the world :)


  11. They are both wonderful people, aren't they? I so want to read that book!

  12. People we meet through blogging are just amazing. There are so many nice people out there. Diane

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