Thursday, 3 June 2010

Thank You Jennifer K ……

My lovely friend Jennifer who lives in Paris
has just been on a trip  to Ireland.
Bless her .. she sent me a postcard from Kerry!
Wonderful Rainbow
The flowers on the stamps are known as
the Irish name is Leith Uisce,
and found mainly in Kerry!

Jennifer and I met by chance, when I was visiting Paris last August ..She left me a comment , to say she lived there, would you like to meet up .. and of course we did.  We also met up back in May when I went to stay with Leesa. We had a wonderful time walking around Parc de Sceaux.  The weather was pretty chilly but that didn’t stop us!!!!  Do call in to Jennifer’s blog, My Year in Paris to have a read about her trip and her life in Paris.  
Thank you Jennifer, a lovely surprise.


  1. Jennifer is very thoughtful and I know that your post of your Paris visit and meeting her is how I got to know her too. There are so many nice perks to blogging.

  2. Hi Anne, glad you got the postcard OK. I liked the stamps as well. Thanks for the sweet post!

  3. Oh, isn't it just great meeting Mr. Postman on your doorstep! Se sweet and thoughtful of Jennifer. Enjoy Anne! xx

  4. I agree with everyone here that it was very thoughtful of Jennifer to send you a card from her vacation spot. Lovely rainbow!

  5. I've been to Kerry many years ago and remember it fondly, for it's stunning scenery and the friendliest people one would ever hope to meet.
    It's lovely to read your blog, Anne and to 'travel' around the world, reading your friends' blogs too.
    This is my lifeline at present due to my immobilty to you, dear Anne, and all your friends......

    Please keep writing.......

    There's a grounded, frustrated, traveller here, awaiting tales and pictures of your next sojourn with relish!


  6. How fun! :) I love the card and how wonderful to have met Jennifer! Isn't the internet a beautiful place to connect like-minded and hearted people?

    Thank you for the links to the other posts, too.

    Be well, Anne!


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