Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Great friends in Paris surprised me .........

with this beautiful card

I wondered where it was
from as no name on the front!

Turned it over and
it was from my good friends
Carolyn, Clive, Barbara and Leesa!

With four lovely messages on too.

Carolyn and Clive were visiting Paris
and were so lucky to meet up with
Leesa and Barbara again.

I am so pleased you all had a wonderful time.

Thank you to you all.

Lovely to be remembered.

These three wonderful ladies
also left a me a big surprise message
on the blog, when it was my birthday!!

That was a HUGE surprise!!


  1. What a stunning image on the card. Wonderful that your friends thought of you. Surprises like that are so nice.


  2. I think it is terrific that you have made friends with so many bloggers.
    I always get impressed when people actually meet, have picnics... and keep in touch.

  3. Hi Darla .. left a message on your blog for you :-)

    Hi Nadege.. It is wonderful to have made so many terrific friends and most of them that I have met are in Paris (if not we met there) .. all through blogging, which actually was encouraged by a friend here in the UK !

    Thanks for calling in too!

  4. I've been catching up.

    What great blogging friends you have. Isn't blogging wonderful?

    I was surprised it was your first flight alone. the way you mentioned it so casually I thought you must be an old hand!

    And it looks like you had a great time with your family.

  5. What fresh colors on that happy lovely card. It's always so great to receive mail, isn't it? Nothing beats a hand written card.
    Have a lovely day, Anne. xx

  6. i like this post looks soo beautiful

  7. This picture is stunning! What lovely friends you have made in the blogging world.
    Have a great weekend maybe the weather will be conducive to spending sometime in the garden after having those dreaded leylandii removed.

  8. I truly had a very nice time in Barcelona...beautiful city and good friends!
    The postcard is a beauty!!! Nice friends you have!
    Enjoy a great Summer week end!

  9. Beee
    Just like you!!!


  10. Nice surprises are always welcome!

  11. Hi Anne! So glad it arrived :) -- we only wish you'd been there in person -- so great you were having fun in Canada though we missed you in Paris.

    I'm just catching up on all my favourite blogs - LOVE your new haircut! And look forward to reading more and seeing photos from your trip :)

    Cheers and take care xxoo from Sydney

  12. Hi Anne--

    Glad it made it over, as it took me a while to actually send out to you.. hehe !!

    You were with us in spirit... Soon, soon.. You'll be back! Pounds for Paris..

    Hugs and have a great week!


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