Friday, 4 June 2010

Gourmet Chocolate Shop - Borough Market

A truly amazing chocolate shop

at the start of our trip

The Rabot Estate

Needless to say Leesa and I were

in there a while, yet we still had

lots more to see!


  1. please don't mention chocolate. EVER AGAIN.

    I'm trying so hard to be good...


  2. Oh Borough Market, what fun, very near where my daughter used to live in London so have been there. Not to that shop though must have been kept away for some reason.

  3. One more reason to finally visit London.
    Never been there (of all the European capitals, I only know Rome and V.).

  4. It's funny, Anne....

    That shop was sooo interesting, I could have stayed in there for hours.. But, it was our first stop and we were limited on time... Sooo much to see at that market! Can't wait to go back with Alex in August.... He'll LOVE it!!

  5. Hi Leesa .. oh yes we could of spent a lot longer in this fab shop.. chatting and finding out more :-) You will love it when you go with Alex .

  6. If I had been there you gals would have had to drag me out of that shop....after I finished "melting the plastic" buying a lot of chocolate to bring home!

  7. What can I say? Yum! Chocolate!


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