Thursday, 17 June 2010

Birthday Gift Surprise ........

before I left for my holiday.
My holiday to Montreal
was a spur of the moment trip.
Booked one week before
as I have always been unsure
of flying, especially on my own.

My Daughter-in-law is always ready on time
for gifts and cards, so once she heard I was
going, she got my card etc off in the post.

I was going to take it with me and
OPEN on the DAY.
Claire phoned me and said " I think you
better open it,
as it might be handy!
That got me thinking!!

Pink Hearts Travel Document Holder by Emma Bridgewater.

Claire and I had seen this on a day out at Millets Farm near me, quite a while ago. Millets Farm is one of those places with Flowers and Gifts and a Restaurant where everyone goes on a Sunday!!

I was truly surprised.. it is great and very girly ♥♥


  1. Oh, what an appropriate and timely gift! Glad you had a good time in Montreal and thx again for the postcard! It was a lovely surprise.

  2. What a lovely surprise Anne and how thoughtful of your Daughter in law.
    Belated birthday greetings too!


  3. What a lovely gift Anne and you were able to put it to immediate use :)

  4. My husband studied in Canada and loved it there. He wants to take me there some time... but it's a little bit of managing with the little one right now. Hope you had a great time.

    P.S. Your hair looks fantastic!

  5. What a lovely thoughtful surprise present :-)

  6. Hi Anne,
    Beautiful and thoughtful!!
    Such a cute design too :))
    You have one precious daughter-in-law.

    All the best to you during these "catch up" days.

  7. What a thoughful daughter-in-law! Hope you're having a very good time and .. a happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday, Anne. Tanti auguri. xxx

  9. Happy Birthday. Lovely thoughtful gesture!

  10. Now that's a sweet sweet surprise. Love love the fabric!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Anne. Sending many hugs across the blue blue Ocean. xx

  11. what a great present for a traveler :-) keeps everything in one place

  12. Happy Birthday, Sunshine!!
    May this be your best year yet!!!


  13. How thoughtful of her. I love Bridgewater designs. Glad you had such a great time.


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