Monday, 3 May 2010

Bonjour mes amis..

.. just a little update....

I am in Paris... :-)

Came over on a surprise trip... staying with
Leesa, Barbara and I travelled back over to France tonight.

Sorry no photos yet, maybe this week or
might have to wait until I get back.
Hope you all have a great week.

Take care and ENJOY!!


  1. Oh, dare I say it...I am so jealous. Truly, have a wonderful time...for me, oh, and of course, for yourself too. Please share some glimpses of Paris in May.

  2. Bonjour Anne,
    Welcome to Pris. Sorry the weather has turned cold, we've had two weeks of gorgeous sunshine and then something happened over the weekend!
    I'm sure you'll be busy visiting and catching up with your friends, but if you have a free hour perhaps we could meet for thé. If you have a full schedule, no worries - there is alwas next time!

  3. Bonjour Anne, thanks for commenting on my blog, I hope you've had a great time with your friends in London and you're now enjoying Paris. Since you like ceramics, when you have a moment, please check out today's post on my blog, you might like it. Love from London x

  4. I am so happy for you! Very exciting!!!

  5. What a lovely surprise,have fun.

  6. Woohoo! I'm so happy your finally there! Have a fantabulous time and have a drink for me on my birthday May 6!

  7. We just got back. Hope you have weather as great as we did

  8. Bounjour! wow..Paris, you make me jealous Anne because I so want to go. Enjoy Paris..hugs/M

  9. I'll be waiting for the photos! ;-)
    Have a great trip...Anna

  10. Wow!!!!!!!! Absolutely brilliant - I so look forward to seeing some photos and hearing more about the three gorgeous girls in Paris.

    Good on ya and ENJOY.

    xoxox from Sydney

  11. Hi Anne!

    It was a pleasure having you with us and we all had a great week! Thanks for coming!

    Alex enjoyed spending time with you, too!

    Happy times again, soon!



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