Friday, 5 March 2010

Impromptu trip to Port Isaac - Cornwall.

A few weeks ago I had a phone call from my friend Gillie asking if I would like to go to Port Isaac with her. Gillie had had an SOS call from our friend Emily, who needed staff to help her in her restaurant - The Harbour, for just one evening.

How brilliant I said, have to ask hubby as he was going away the next morning to Spain. He was also very busy working from home. Phoned Gillie back..YES when are you going? Be round mine for 14.45 pm.. ok !! Yikes I haven't moved or packed so fast, it was 14.10 pm. All sorted and off we went.

It was a very quick visit, we got down there about 18.30ish, went to the restaurant, I had a quick chance to take some photos, we worked, went back to Emily's, a chat, glass of wine or two then bed, and back home the next morning. ....

These are the skies we met on our way down! Such a contrast, and such beautiful colours, we were amazed. These were all taken from the car, starting at about 15.30 til 18.30 ish!!

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Next time I am down there I hope to meet Elizabeth .. a lovely American lady, who moved to Cornwall from the USA to be with John . A truly amazing love story. Sorry not to have made it this time round :-(


  1. Gosh that is quite a distance you travelled on short notice! Those shots of the sky are beautiful. I've seen quite a bit of England but I've never been to Cornwall and really want to visit sometime.

  2. What a road trip. That was all very interesting. But I wonder, how was the work? Funny, right up to the end I was wondering if you knew Elizabeth and if you met up with her. Heres to another time....Cornwall is a place I hope to see in person. Happy weekend!

  3. Waw Anne! What a nice adventure! Quick but surely very funny!
    A short break makes miracles!
    Wonderful light!
    Happy week end!

  4. Great pics Anne!! Glad you had a nice visit!! It's great to get away, isn't it?!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Great shots of the sky Anne. What an exciting trip for you!
    We had a lovely holiday in Port Issac a few years ago and had a meal in the Harbour Hotel.
    There is a wonderful Fishmonger on the edge of the harbour, did you manage to buy any fish there?


  6. Hello Anne,

    Thank you for contacting me last night ! It's always a treat to be in touch with you.
    Wow; I'am a pushover for a beautiful sunset. I enjoy the evolution of the pictures :)

    Stay in touch xxoo

  7. What a long drive, but from the photos, what a lovely drive!

  8. The photos are so clear and beautiful. Don't you love impromptu road trips, I hope one day to have a car that is trustworthy to do some of those. Sounded like fun!

  9. You're so sweet to mention me ... thank you.

    I do hope you will come back to Cornwall again when you can stay longer and we can meet in person.


  10. This reminded me that I have to go through all my old dias, including from Niagara ... in 1965!


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