Friday, 5 February 2010

Dubai to South Africa …..

As I said in my post yesterday, my good friend Dawn went to South Africa after Dubai….and bless her she sent me another wonderful postcard. It arrived yesterday morning.  Thank you so much Dawn for thinking of me!!


 Dawn and her husband Tom have had a brilliant time there. She said it is even more wonderful than she imagined. With wonderful weather.  You should call over to her blog and have a read of what they have been up too!!  It is amazing and so much fun.

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  1. Beautiful post card. Happy weekend Anne :)

  2. YAY!!

    More postcards!! Must be really fun for you to check the mail day to day!!! Enjoy!!! Dawn is back now and I hope to see her soon and her about their trip!!
    Take care and have a nice weekend..

  3. Thank you so much for visiting me the other day...your blog is lovely. What a lucky friend you have to do so much traveling. And for you to get her postcards.xo

  4. Hi Anne,

    Wow; that's an incredible postacrd.Dawn & Tom are making some supurb memories :)
    I've never been to either of their destinations.

    Have a great day Anne !

  5. Anne, Thank you so much for your postcard of Oxford. It is just beautiful! What a nice surprise to find in my mailbox on a Friday!!! :)

  6. you must have tons of postcards by now :-)

  7. Yes, Anne. Do you keep track of how many postcards you have and how many places people have sent them from? Maybe you should have a map with pushpins so you can see all the places people were visiting when they thought of you. You must really touch people.

  8. Hi Anne, I've just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it.
    How lovely to receive all those postcards - people don't send postcards nearly as much as they used to. In fact, I've found that the French don't really send a lot of cards at all (postcards, birthday cards etc). Reading your blog has made me want to start sending postcards again :)
    ps. Thank you for sharing them all!

  9. The postcard images are brilliant!

    I have friends who live there, and they are absolutely in love with that place and Africa as a whole.

  10. I shall send you a postcard too when I go on my travels.

  11. Thanks for your comment on my site, I hoped you enjoyed reading it. Life in France can be sooo complicated... I've never been to Italy but really want to go on a cookery couse there.
    I used to live near Swindon so not too far from Oxford and I have good friends that have moved there so no it well. I really miss the coffee shops and covered market :(


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